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June 8, 2015


Today Show Comes to Hope Valley School

Ooooohhhhhhhh my goodness!!! What an incredible day! The Today Show spent the day at Hope Valley School shooting footage, interviewing me, and then presenting the school with a couple of special gifts. I am quite speechless over what transpired today. It’s funny how things progressed in a few short weeks. All we did was go outside and watch Matt Lauer ride his bike through Hope Valley. Then all of a sudden we are on the map nationally (or at least will be). One of the producers of the Today Show (Jennifer Long) was here all day making this a special day for us. As a culminating activity, Jen Long asked that we have an assembly this afternoon. She said there was going to be a surprise but I did not know what to expect. I started off the gathering with a "Good Afternoon Boys and Girls." When all of a sudden Mrs. Pastore interrupted me and said "Excuse me Mr. G. We have a surprise for you." The side gym door opened and Mrs. Haberek's class came strolling through the gym hand in hand. Who is in the middle of the line holding hands with students but Matt Lauer himself. Yes, Matt Lauer was inside Hope Valley School. Wow, I was star struck! I couldn’t believe it. He then starts talking to the group and said that he had 2 more surprises for us. This is where the next crew of people entered the gym. Behind the side gym door were a group of Home Depot staff walking in with rakes and shovels. The Home Depot presented the school with .................. a brand new PLAYGROUND!!!!!!! Home Depot will be donating and constructing this new playground for us this summer. What an amazing and generous offer. Lastly, grade 4 students entered the gym holding student drawings of weather related pictures. So, Matt announces that I get to be LIVE on the Today Show giving the weather forecast with Al Roker next week. Amazing! Why you may ask? The producer knew that as a child I lived and breathed weather. I always wanted to be a weatherman growing up and would always be glued to the TV watching the Weather Channel. Jen Long pulled some strings to make this happen for me. A huge thank you to her. She rocks!!! Another great bonus was that my wife and 2 children were able to be part of this great day! All the surprises were kept well under wraps under my dismay but so glad it was. What a wonderful and truly mind-blowing experience today. Thank you Today Show!!! Thank you Home Depot!!! Thank you Superintendent Ricci!!! Thank you staff!!! Thank you parents!!! Most importantly thank you children for making me love my job so much. See pictures for your enjoyment.

When will this piece air? The piece is scheduled to be on Wednesday, June 17. This is also the day I will be doing the weather forecast with my boy Al Roker. :-) I do not know the specific time but once I found out I will email you all.

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