Introducing the C.S.Q.T. Method

Writing a Quality Proof Paragraph

Essential Questions:

1. What is a proof paragraph?

2. What are the essential parts of a proof paragraph using the C.S.Q.T. Method?

Step 1: What is a Proof Paragraph?

A proof paragraph is a paragraph in which you:

  • make a claim about a question that was posed to you (the question could be asking you to make a statement or persuade)

  • support your claim with information from a source (such as a book or a Teen Biz news article)

  • tie-in your claim to the quote by explaining for the reader how the quote supports your claim and how your claim answers the question that was asked to you

Step 2: What is the C.S.Q.T. Method?

The C.S.Q.T. Method is a way for a writer to organize information and thoughts into a well-organized paragraph that makes it easier for the reader to understand exactly what the author is trying to say.

Step 3: Read the poem.

Untitled #1

The cold harsh wind it heaves and blows,
It chills my fingers and my toes.
And falling from the sky of slate,
A dancing whirr of downy flakes.
The flakes that dance, and whirr and fly,
They sometimes hit me in the eye.
Seeing them again I clap with glee,
Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Hee Hee, Hee Hee.
Don’t go to that shopping mall!
It is the season after fall!
And when you get at home in bed,
Thoughts of frost they fill your little mind!

-Anne Uhhuhmelmahey 1978

Example Question: What season is described in the poem?

Step 4: Let's look at an answer using the C.S.Q.T method.

The season that is described in the poem is winter. In the beginning of the poem, Uhhuhmelmahey describes a wind that “chills her fingers and her toes,” and later goes on to say that she sees “a dancing whirr of downy flakes.” Since the poet describes a brutally cold wind that flings flakes that most likely are snow, the poem is probably set during the winter when snow and cold are common.

For the quiz, you need to know what a proof paragraph is and what the letters of CSQT stand for. (You may want to review the video.)