Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin's life

Benjamin franklin was born on January 17 ,1706. he was the 10 th son . Benjamin Franklin was a founding father . Benjamin Franklin died on april 17,1790 (aged 84). Franklin was a writer, printer , post master , scientist and a inventor . he worte a famous book about his experience . Ben did his electrical kite experience with son William. Benjamin Franklin signed the decloration of independents and the u.s constaitution . Lived in 2 story house His father sold candles and soap .
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Benjamin franklin invented bifocals,franklin stove,lighting rod,glass harmonica,light bulb,

a map of gulf stream,swim fins,long arm,odometer,printer,and he also invented the first

library,political cartoons and daylight saving time, the first flexable catheter.

5 Amazing Inventions by Benjamin Franklin

impact of inventions

electricity now helps with education & learn about stuff.bifocals helped because now we now about eye problems and made improved glases for people to see.the map of the gulf stream help uslearn about maps and helps make more maps.light bulb helps us see in the dark and it also had made light fun becacause now we can play laser tagand glow in dark.

other information

Benjamin franklin played the violin,guitar,and harp.

Benjamin franklin discovered electcity he was a volunteer fireman . ben can speak 5 languages . He created the first insurance company in the colonies . he invented the rocking chair . Ben franklin owned his fist company at the age of twenty two . twenty thousand people attend his funeral. He went to brown ell's school until 10 years

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