Amsterdam is amazing its antique but also wild!

Amsterdam Amazing Activities

Wow that's a lot of activities, there isn't enough time for them all so heres some. Diamonds!, There all over Amsterdam and they've been a tradition for years. Museums are also every where there's over 50 of them! ave fun Weed is legal in Amsterdam, smoke go out,have fun and hit some clubs! Go fishing on there extended docks!

Amsterdams Arts

The Euro oh yes that is important because thats the type of currency Amsterdam uses. Amsterdam was founded in the eleventh century originally to be a fishing port... Are you a fisherman.... yes well ok then you better bring a fishing pole theres tons of fish! Dont plan a museum exploring day on a dutch holiday most of them will be closed for the day or week. By the 1600s Amsterdam was the fastest growing city in the Netherlands. What you just read is Amsterdams amazing history, come and visit today!

Amsterdams Delicious Dinners

Amsterdams food is so great! Most people eat the regular breakfast Bacon,Eggs,Bread and Hash Browns. Main food that is eaten all the time is Steak and Fish your on the coast your going to be eating lots of fish! You can even go and fish for your own seafood. Most diners are Sushi spots.

Amsterdams Talk

Practice for your trip, learn some new languages! Dutch is spoken in Amsterdam 45% of people speak dutch and 45% of people speak Low-German the other 10% is english. In most shops,diners and museums english is spoken! Go to your nearest library and ask someone top help you find a book on the languages that are spoken in the Netherlands. The other thing you could use is rosetta stone the online tutor!

Amsterdams Average Climate

Amsterdams has amazing weather 60 degrees to 30 degrees is the average temp. Extremely hot or cold weather is rare its usually just right! There are chances of floods. In 1953 A massive flood killed 1,800 people were killed by the water. Summer is the wettest season of the year!

Land Marks of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is Historical. Oh so beautiful wont you just fly there tonight? Amsterdam is small but it is surrounded by shops,malls and museums. Amsterdam is awesome, its the capitol of the Netherlands! The houses there are stacked or side by side. theres a lot o old buildings in the red light district! Historical sights oh how you shine so bright!


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