Belridge Secondary ESC News

August 2020

From The Principals Desk

We are now at the halfway mark of Term 3 and hopefully some warmer weather is on the way. Winter has certainly been interesting this year and has again brought with it a variety of colds and viruses that impact both students and staff. If your child is unwell please do not send them to school as a protective measure to prevent the spread of infection. We understand that poor health and other medical conditions can at times affect your child’s attendance and appreciate parents contacting us to inform us of the reason for your child’s absence. Our BSESC Schoolstar App is being well utilised by parents and we thank you for notifying us of your child’s absence. If you are unsure of your login details please call the school office.

IEP Meetings

Teachers have organised and held IEP meetings with Parents and Carers in all year levels in recent weeks. Following on from these meetings, a copy of your child’s IEP will be forwarded to you. It is important to remember that the IEP is not the extent of the program that your child participates in but are priorities identified in each learning area. If some IEP goals were not achieved in Semester One they will be carried over into Semester Two.

Planning for 2021

Students from Primary Schools and Education Support Centres have begun their transition program as they prepare for secondary schooling. Our first transition visit occurred last Friday and this visit was enjoyed by all students and staff and everyone is looking forward to returning in Week 9.

We are anticipating our largest cohort of Year 7 students next year and extensive planning for 2021 is already underway. More classroom accommodation will be necessary and liaison with Central Office will continue and there is recognition that more class and activity space will be required in the years to come.

School Board

Our next School Board meeting is on Tuesday 1st of September and I would like to acknowledge and thank all our Board members for willingly giving up their time to contribute to school future planning, school guidelines and policy.

We have a number of events and activities planned for the remainder of the term including our Whole School Athletics Carnival in Week 7 so hopefully the weather is on our side!

Take care and keep warm and dry in these final weeks of the term.

Kind regards,

Jenine Wall


Friday 4th September - Whole School Athletics Carnival

Friday 25th September - Last Day of Term 3

Monday 12th October - First Day of Term 4

Thursday 29th October - Year 12 Graduation Ceremony

Thursday 19th November - Market Day

Middle School Update

Hello to all the Belridge SESC families. It’s hard to believe that we are now half-way through the year. This year has shown resilience from everyone in the Belridge SESC school community. The start of Term 3 saw all students returning to face-to-face learning and a busy routine of school work. The middle school classes have been able to commence their swimming program which they are very excited about. We currently have the year 9 classes accessing swimming and will look at our year 7 and 8 students accessing swimming for Term 4.

Our year 7’s have blossomed this year and it is great to see so many friendships forming. We have some of our year 7’s spending their break times creating some master pieces in Lego Club while others are spending time with friends playing basketball and/or soccer or in the library sitting quietly with a book. Ms Llanwarne’s 7-1 class have been doing a great job of engaging students and working on individual IEP goals by implementing maths rotations into their program. Maths rotations allow students to receive explicit small group instruction to support the learning process. Integrating hands on and technology based activities as part of the math’s rotations has supported student’s engagement and motivation. Ms Jordan’s 7-2 class have been learning to sign using AUSLAN. AUSLAN signing promotes awareness of the sensitivity to the hard of hearing community and develops strong appreciation for deaf culture while also promoting understanding and acceptance of the language among others.

Ms Carlyon’s 8-1 class have been learning about fire safety at school and in the home. They have practiced a fire drill, demonstrated STOP-DROP and ROLL sequence and also the ‘get low and go, go, go’ drill. Mrs Egan’s 8-2 class have been working hard this term learning about Medieval Europe as part of their HASS program and learning about being kind and being positive and exchanging positive affirmations as part of their health program.

Ms Finn’s 9-1 class have been collaborating with Therapy Focus to deliver a ‘Positive Thoughts Program’ which is based on teaching students about controlling their thoughts, behaviours and emotions. Mr Malloy’s 9-2 class are in the early stages of implementing a recycling program in order to educate and teach students to reuse and to understand the benefits of recycling. Miss Vales 9-3 class, as part of their Digital Technologies program have been working on creating short films. Students have planned, written scripts and edited their short films and have learnt a number technology based skills along the way.

Middle school students are currently practicing for the upcoming athletics carnival on Friday the 4th September. This is such an inclusive event and it is great to see all of our students dressed up in their faction colours cheering each other on throughout each of the events.

Shayne Hutchings

Middle School Deputy Principal

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We have had a great start to Term 3, we’re all very happy to be back.

Once again, Home Ec has been a class favourite. To encourage our interest in cooking, on Friday’s we have been going to the ILC and baking cookies as a class. We focus on our communication and taking turns so everyone gets to have a go!

Kynan loved using the mixer when making our gingerbread cookies and Jarrah did a fantastic job with the rolling pin.

Cameron, Massimo and Jeremy have been helping deliver the coffees for Cobra Café. Dhruv has been a wonderful role-model and showing them how it’s done!

Dhruv had a fantastic time at the School Ball! He came in on Monday morning still singing all the songs he danced to.

Eliana and Michael have been using the smartboard activities to do some interactive maths activities and improve on their mouse skills.

Silvia Samarin

MAG Teacher

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Term 3 has been an exciting start for 7-1 with a new student joining our class. The students have been working hard on their Market Day chopping boards in D & T. We are all excited for Market Day and will start on our Christmas cards and present tags soon.

In FireTech we have been coding a thymio robot through a maze of blocks. This has been challenging and the students have been very resilient over the past few weeks in these lessons.

We have been practising for the whole school sports carnival in a few weeks. Some of us have been practising the 400m every morning and beating our times. The girls are enjoying the jumps and throws. Every week we do our keep fit activities and this includes bike riding, basketball and soccer.

Cooking is a favourite time in 7-1. We have developed our hygiene practises which we all do at the start of our lessons. This term we have made apple crumble, macaroni, chilli con carne and hamburgers.

The 7-1 Team

Shared Writing Activity

Daisy Llanwarne

7-1 Teacher

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The students in 8-1 have had an awesome start to Term Three. We have continued to practise safe distancing and personal hygiene. Routines are very important to us and we follow a routine everytime we enter the classroom.

Throughout the year we have been enjoying digital technologies in various ways. We have a weekly visit by Firetech where we have been programming micro bits. We have been practising directionality through dance and songs, which is a big hit with everyone. Throughout the past year we have also been experiencing digital technologies by programing various types of robots including BlueBots and Kubos, currently we are exploring Digital technologies with the Ozobots. We are able to change the colour of the ozobots and make a line for it to follow. We have used the ozobots to trace the letters in our name in block (robot) letters, cursive (linked) writing and we have independently created freeform shapes for the Ozobot to follow.

Grace – “I like how they move across the line and just stop.”

Abi – “ I Love it because it’s fun.”

Riley – ‘I like making the shapes on my own.”

Jayden – “I like the letters of my name.”

Thaya – “ Fun to draw.”

Sari – “They are fun.”

Ms Carlyon, Mrs Curran, Miss B.

Helen Carlyon

8-1 Teacher

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Year 8-2 students are learning about Medieval Europe during History lessons. They are studying life in the middle ages- 500 – 1400 CE in primarily, the United Kingdom and just how different living was then compared to how we do today. There have been some gasps at just how difficult life was for the majority of people during these times. Later in the term we hope to recreate a Medieval Feast as part of our learning experiences.

During Health students have been studying dental hygiene and we are now concentrating on friendships, social skills and protective behaviours. Our emphasis is on being kind and respectful and how this helps relationships. We are also endeavouring to appreciate how everyone has some battles in life and how we need to react with kindness. Students and teachers in our room are also writing positive affirmation notes to each to other and every student has a ‘My Book of Positives’ to keep notes they have received, happy photos, certificates etc. in. We are also practising conversation skills in both Health and Speaking and Listening lessons to assist students with social skills.

We have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays and weather permitting have been completing fitness and soccer skill activities. When it is raining we have been building fitness through dance exercise activities. On PE days students are requested to please bring in a plain t-shirt they can change into for the PE lesson.

Looking forward to the remainder of Term 3.

Pauline Egan

8-2 Teacher

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It has been a busy few weeks in Year 9-1 and the students have enjoyed a number of fun activities. In Home Economics each week the students have enjoyed making a number of items including, Chilli Con Carne, Chicken Stirfry, Nachos, Macaroni and Cheese and Omelettes.

In D & T we have made keyrings. We have also been making coasters using mixed wood mediums, acrylic and dye powders and a box to house them. This term we have had the pleasure of a prac teacher in the D & T workshop. Thank you Mr Blake Standston for your commitment and support of our class.

In Health we have been working collaboratively and participating in role play activities focusing on Public and Private behaviours and the Positive Thoughts Program.

The students are very happy to be returning to swimming and up until this, they have enjoyed practicing for the sports carnival that is due to take place in a couple of weeks. Our preparation has included practicing running races, shot put and discus. We are looking forward to the day!

In Firetech we have continued editing our videos and are looking forward to the end results.

Thank you to all the parents who have attended IEP meetings over the last couple of weeks. It is a pleasure to speak with you all about your children and their progress.

Aileen Finn

9-1 Teacher

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The 9-2 is off to a flying start, we have had a very productive start to Term 3.

When you think of the 9-2 you think of educational excellence and creativity and this term so far has been no exception.

Our students constantly strive to succeed and we wanted to share our artistic endeavours with you.

In Design and Technology, we have started a new project making wooden door mats and in Art we have completed or are just finishing our Clay figures and Clay pots. The 9-2 are also putting the finishing touches on their much anticipated Firetech short film project, coming to a Cineplex near you.

This Term also sees the commencement of our swimming lessons and the students have embraced this like true champions.

From man buns to cucumbers the 9-2 covered various topics during class presentations. Students presented informative, insightful and delightful speeches on a subject of their choice.

It was also fantastic to catch up with all of the parents and carers of our amazing 9-2 students during IEP meetings. I enjoyed hearing and sharing wonderful stories with you of our exceptional students.

A huge thank you to The 9-2 Team Mr Mac, Mrs Blackie and Mrs Street.

Simon Malloy

9-2 Teacher

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After a nice relaxing break for all, 9-3 has come back ready to work! Term 3 has seen the students of 9-3 apply themselves to all their learning activities and has been full of exciting projects in our options classes.

Our students have been refining their culinary skills as well as increasing their awareness of safe handling of kitchen equipment and utensils in Home Economics. This term so far, we have made Chicken stir-fry and Chilli Con Carne.

In D&T, we have completed the crafting of the incense holders. We are now onto making keepsake boxes and using a laser etching machine to etch designs of students’ choice onto the boxes.

Our amazing dragon sculptures from Art have received their final touches and they all look spectacular! We have started making clay pots of all different shapes and designs.

In Science, we are exploring a range of natural disasters such as volcanoes and tsunamis.

Our swimming program recently commenced which all students are so happy to attend as the enjoyment beamed from their faces from the moment we entered HBF Arena.

Our filming projects continue in Fire Tech, we have collated all our footage filmed to date and have begun editing to create a short film.

Keep up the great work 9-3 – you are all amazing!

Katherine Vales

9-3 Teacher

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It has been a busy term venturing out in to the local community practising functional Maths money skills through shopping and cooking.

Our Transperth incursion focused on learning about transportation routes, appropriate behaviour, looking after personal belongings, safety and using Smartriders on public transport.

Our first DFES excursion for the term took us to the Education Heritage Centre in Perth where we learnt about fire safety.

We look forward to more teaching and learning during the remainder of term in the classroom and out in the community using public transport, going to Joondalup, Kings Park and Mundaring.

Please remember to regularly check diaries and emails to keep up with what’s happening at school. Also mark the sports carnival on Friday 4 September in your calendar.

Susan Osborne

10-1 Teacher

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We’re at the halfway point of Term Three already, with the students working well across all areas of the curriculum!

This term, the students have made a variety of meals during their Home Economics Lessons. They have worked hard with Ms Wilkes, Mrs Hanahoe and Mrs Beattie to produce sweet potato enchiladas, nachos, macaroni & cheese and chilli con carne, amongst other dishes.

During Physical Education lessons, the students have been concentrating on soccer and basketball. The students all actively participated during drills to improve their skills, then applied them during games with their peers. Recently, we have also begun practising for the upcoming sports carnival.

The students recently attended a wonderful incursion presented by David McMahon from Transperth. David’s presentation taught the students about ways to safely travel on buses and trains throughout the Perth area. David passed on many tips, including the use of online journey planners, personal safety, and ways to top up smartrider balances.

Please feel free to contact me anytime, my email address is:

Stephen McMahon

10-2 Teacher

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Congratulations to Rachel Ford for winning the NAIDOC Week whole school competition in Week 10 last term. I was impressed with the effort put into creating each individual’s painting and entry which are proudly displayed on our classroom wall next to our collage work.

In Term 3 we are back at Workplace Learning every Wednesday. All students are encouraged not to wear their uniform and come dressed appropriately for their work placement. Marshall wears his work boots, long pants and bright top while working hard in the garden at Beldon Primary School. Anakin and Emily have been wearing their High Vis vest as required by the Joondalup Post Office. Amber looks fantastic in her sports outfit with her hair tied in a ponytail while working at Rebel Sport. Zoe and Leah have been busy keeping their workspace clean and tidy at Good Samaritans as well as Phoebe and Chloe at Beldon Primary School library. Rachel and Haya have been stacking shelves and recycling boxes at Woolworths.

This term it’s fantastic to have the opportunity again to get out in the community with our DFES and other excursions planned to complement what we already do in the classroom. More photos of our exciting adventures to be viewed in the next newsletter.

Kim Butler

11-1 Teacher

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It is crazy to think that it is already week five of term Three. Despite everything, this year sure has flown by and the pace of work for the students is certainly ramping up.

In their Certificate I Transport & Logistics Course, students are currently working through the ‘Small Store Operations’ assessments and observations. This unit is a large part of the course and will contribute to their overall success. Each assessment has been designed so that students can demonstrate their competency in working within a store environment. Students are being marked on their teamwork, manual handling skills, workplace communication and providing customer service. Students are set a task where they need to pick and pack items as per a customer order, deliver the items safely and efficiently, complete all associated documents and conclude with a replenish order and performance reflection.

To supplement the ASDAN Volunteering Short Course, students have continued to assist in the sensory garden. In the past few weeks, students have been working in teams to help develop the ‘Bush Tucker Garden’ and pot, plant and display flowers & succulents that will be sold in next term’s Market Day.

For DFES lessons, students have been learning about natural disasters, in particular, those that threaten our country. Students have learnt why and how they occur and what it is that we as humans can do to withstand such forces of nature. For the practical elements of DFES, students were finally able to attend the much anticipated excursion to Perth Hills Discovery Centre in Mundaring. Here, students were taught and shown the impact of bushfires, how they are started, how destructive they can be and what we can do to prevent them. The class were then taken into the bush where they conducted a survey of the land and took measurements of the leaf litter, to then calculate the fuel load and fire risk level. These measurements were then compared to a scale where students identified whether that area was a low or high risk area. It is fair to say that all students thoroughly enjoyed this outing and the bus ride home was very quiet due to students being tired.

In Health class, students measured the sugar contents of a variety of drinks to compare and to visualise the amount of sugar that is inside each serving. The results were alarming and we have the drink, the sugar contents in both grams and teaspoons on display in class as a reminder for us all to ‘think before we drink’.

To demonstrate their English skills, students have been writing up summaries of the tasks they perform in both their Transport and Logistics Course and the ASDAN Volunteering Course. Students have developed their skills in writing in-depth analysis of the task they did, what skills they needed to show during the task and then evaluating their performance through reflections. The same two courses have also been used to overarch their Maths objectives of applying maths skills to authentic learning experiences. Through a sport equipment order, students had to place the order, record the number of items requested, ensure the total amount was below or equal to the set budget, that they considered the cost of delivery, and to finish with, calculating the amount of tax paid on each item as well as the final amount.

Finally, Workplace Learning is back into full swing and I am pleased to say that students have begun their placements with confidence and professionalism. Each week, students are working at developing a list of workplace skills that will assist them now and in the future.

Thank you to everyone for starting this Semester off with such vigour and enthusiasm; keep it up!

Tom Cann

11-2 Teacher

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Year 12 School Ball

The Year 12 School Ball was held on Friday 7th August at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Everyone looked amazing in their finery and had a wonderful time dancing the night away.

Shaymaa & Cody were awarded the Belle and Beau of the Ball.

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The highly anticipated Year 12 Ball was held Friday 7th August at the Hyatt in the City. All students attended and looked fantastic all dressed up in their beautiful dresses and suits. Our three girls looked stunning and our boys oh so handsome!!

We started the night with mocktails followed by a delicious smorgasbord dinner and a huge array of desserts. Then the dancing began. All students hit the dance floor and most didn’t leave it for the rest of the night!

Everyone had so much fun and really embraced the opportunity to get out all dressed up and dance the night away with all their friends. A great night was had by all staff and students.

Congratulations to Shaymaa who was crowned Belle of the Ball. Shaymaa did not leave the dance floor and sang every word of every song played not to mention looking gorgeous in the process.

Work Place Learning has begun again for our students, which has been most welcome as they are all keen to get back out into the workplace and the community. It is a great way for them to recommence practising their work skills at their various placements.

In class we are hard at work completing our 4 ASDAN modules as they will be submitted for internal moderation in week 7 and external moderation in week 9 of Term 3. Not long to go now.

DFES excursions begin again this term and we are looking forward to our first one at Kings Park in Week 5. The class will be doing a Bush Survival Skills tour run by the Kings Park Education Centre.

Coffee Club continues on Mondays and students have definitely shown an improvement in skill and increased confidence in the production and delivery of the coffees to staff.

With less than a semester to go of their schooling it is pleasing for the staff of

12-1 to see all students showing an increased level of maturity across a variety of areas both in and out of the classroom.

We look forward to developing all our skills as we head towards the graduation.

Tonya Vander Loop

12-1 Teacher

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The 12-2 class have had an eventful start to Semester Two. Students are back at Workplace Learning, able to assist in shopping activities and attending excursions. Of course the biggest highlight of the year "The Year 12 School Ball" was held on Friday in Week Three.

It was a big lead up to this event as it was scheduled in Term One and then postponed.

All of our students had an amazing night. They looked fantastic and danced up a storm. Congratulations to Cody and Shaymaa for being awarded Beau and Belle of the Ball.

This term the class has been focusing on independent cooking, social thinking and planning for life after school. Thank you to the families who have met with myself and/or Wendy to work through the person centred planning survey.

We have three 18th Birthdays this term. Happy Birthday to Jacinta and Sammy. The class celebrated with balloons, a birthday sash and birthday treats. We will be celebrating Will's birthday in the coming weeks.

Lauren Thompson

12-2 Teacher

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