APS Professional Learning Catalog

Summer - 2014

Good afternoon, APS Staff.

The District Professional Learning Catalog has been published for your review and registration. Please note the following:

• The sessions are organized by department; so please direct any questions or concerns to the coordinator of that department.

• Because the catalog offers numerous opportunities, the table of contents is hyperlinked to that department’s offerings. Simply hold down your control key and hit enter on the department name in the table of contents, and you will be linked to that
department’s offerings without having to scroll through the entire document (may take up to 10 seconds).

• The catalog will be updated frequently, so please note the draft date on the front page for the most current edition.

Check the Catalog for All the Instructional Technology Courses, starting @ p. 56

Accessing the catalog (two different ways):

1. Go to the MyPLC home page, log in, and click on the link above the picture in the “Welcome” box:
Access Professional Learning Catalog ~ Click link to view opportunities

2. Or simply click on this link: www.atlantapublicschools.us/professionallearningcatalog

We encourage you to participate in as many opportunities as you can this summer.