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Teacher´s Development Centre

York´s Chatter Zone

A space created for all teachers to grow, share and learn. The purpose of the workshops is to give opportunities for hands-on learning and discussion about pedagogy.

We will be working on topics of general interest, together with effective classroom management strategies. Topics such as project work, skills development, technology integration and many more!

Fridays from 1.30 to 3 p.m.

Starting APRIL 19TH

York School of English

Asborno 462

Belén de Escobar

Gladys Ledwith

Teacher Trainer

Educator, over 30 years experience in bilingual schools. Worked as Head of the English Department in different schools in Buenos Aires for 17 years, being responsible for the design of the school’s English programme, its implementation and teacher development.

Investigated, studied and became skilled in Web 2.0 tools and different ways of integrating technology into educational settings. Instructor at Talleres ESCOnectar for Conectar Igualdad programme.
At the moment, Educational Consultant, Teacher Trainer and Course Coordinator at York School of English.

Guaranteed to be engaging, relaxing and fun!