Cougar Connection

St. Columba Catholic School - News every Friday - 5/7/21

St. Columba Families,

We have a wonderful and special weekend ahead of us this weekend.

On Saturday, many of our 2nd graders, along with a 3rd grader and a 5th grader, will be receiving their First Holy Communion. It is so exciting for these children to be able receive the physical presence of Christ for the first time. I know they are all looking forward to this special day!

On Sunday, we celebrate Mother's Day. I want to extend feelings of love and gratitude to all of our mothers, grandmothers, and mother-figures in our school community! I also want to extend my prayers to those who are missing their mothers on this day. Our moms all play special roles in our lives and I am grateful to interact with wonderful mothers each and every day at St. Columba!

As many of us know, May is also the month of May, our Heavenly Mother. Throughout this month we will be praying decades of the Rosary, finding opportunities to connect with Mary, and holding a May Crowning later in the month.

Here is a look ahead at the upcoming events on campus:

  • Monday, May 10:
  • Tuesday, May 11: Mr. Amann Duct Taped to Wall + Car Raffle Prizes (See Below)
  • Wednesday, May 12: Super Cougar Spirit Day + 8th Grade vs. Teacher Volleyball Game
  • Thursday, May 13:
  • Friday, May 14: PTG Board Nominations Due (See Below)


Mr. Amann

PTG Board Nominations

Every two years, our current PTG Board members' terms are concluded. We have reached that point in the cycle, where it is time to nominate new parents to take on these roles.

I am extremely grateful for the work that our current board has done! They have given so much of their time to make our school grow!

I am also looking forward to working with a new group of parents for the next two years.

To nominate a parent, including yourself, please follow the link below and add parent names to the ballot.

All nominations are due by Friday, May 14th.

Mr. Amann will follow up with all nominees to ensure they are interested.

Mr. Amann Duct Taped to the Wall

Starting at 10:40am on Tuesday, Students will begin taping Mr. Amann to the wall. The plan is for each class to come out one at a time and have a turn at adding tape. Hopefully, by 12:10pm he will be fully taped to the wall. Mr. Amann hopes to stay up on the wall until around 1 o'clock.

Parents are welcome to come by and add some tape to the wall during this time!

Car Raffle Prizes on Tuesday!

On Tuesday, May 11th, the following classes will receive their Car Raffle Prizes from the fall.

Free Dress, Jamba Juice, and Extra Recess: Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade

Pizza and a Movie Party in the Afternoon: 3rd, 4th, and 6th Grade

Super Spirit Day

On Wednesday, May 12th, students are encouraged to go all out with Cougar gear and colors (Green and Gold).

Students can wear green and gold face paint, hair dye, nail polish, clothing, and accessories!

Let's show that Cougar pride!

Parking Announcement

With the demolition and excavation of the current dirt field and playground beginning next week, we ask that parents to not park along the fence line unless absolutely necessary. This will eliminate the risk of damage to any cars.

Thank you for your understanding.

Seeking Altar Servers

Last week, Mr. Amann went around to discuss Altar Serving with our students in 4th-7th grade.

Any student in these grades is welcome to become a trained altar server.

If interested, please let Mr. Amann know and he can ensure your child receives a signup form.

New Field and Playground Renderings

Squeakers makes a visit to 7th Grade!

6th Graders Testing Kinetic Energy

3rd Grade Multiplication Masters