Treatment of slaves

Kelli Waites 7th period

Slavery Abuse and Treatment From Slave Owners

Begin And End Date

Slavery began in 1619 in Jamestown, Virginia. It began to help aid tobacco crops around the Virginia area. It continued throught the 17th and the 18th century. It ended in 1865 when the thirteenth ammendment was signed.

The Overseer

Often slaves were employed as overseers. Their job was to make sure the slaves did their work and they also punished the slaves if they were off task or disobedient. They were controlled by their Head Masters. After that they would take their instructions and apply them the the slave workers.

Slavery Punishments

There were many forms of pumishment.

Here is a list of some:

  • Sexual assault/ rape
  • Burning
  • Castration
  • Public whipping
  • Rubbing salt or red pepper into wounds
  • Metal masks
  • Thumb screws
  • Neck collars made of metal and wood with spikes

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