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Phosphorus was first isolated in 1669 by Hennig Brand, a German physician and alchemist.

Physical Description:


-Group 15,Period 3, Non-Metal

- 15 protons, 15 electrons, 16 newtons.

An atomic number of 15 and an atomic mass o of 30.974 amu.

-Phosphorus occurs in more than one form. One of these is waxy and white, and another is a dark, red powder.

-The waxy, white form of phosphorus glows in the dark

-Its melting point is 44.1

-Its density is 1.8 g/cm

-Its boiling point is 280 degrees.

Related Gangs: The Nitrogen Family





Last Seen:

In soft drinks

within fertilizers

in fireworks

in dishes

glasses// laptop screens

in matches


The element phosphorus could go under the greek word, "phorus" which means, "bringer of light."

Likely Whereabouts:

Magnesium Phosphate

Phosphorus Bromide

Other Information:

Phosphorus is the sixth most abundant element in living organisms; its compounds are vital for life.

White phosphorus ignites spontaneously in the air; Red phosphorus needs friction to ignite.

Phosphorus has 23 stable isotopes.


$22.00 per 100 millimeters of phosphorus.
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Phosphorus Element Model:

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Phosphorus Electron Configuration:

Ne 3s2 3p3