Ms. Jennings's 1st Grade Newsflash

February 5, 2016

Upcoming Events

  • February 11--Friendship Party--1:00 p.m.
  • February 12--Early Release
  • February 15--No School
  • February 29--Book Orders Due
  • March 3--Family Fun Night
  • March 24--Early Release
  • March 25--No School
  • March 28--April 1--Spring Break
  • May 20--Last Day of School!!!!!

Weekly Tidbits...

Important UPDATES:


Shiloh will be coming home Monday, February 8!!!!! Please read the parent letter that comes with the book and follow the reading schedule. Each night, all families will read together a chapter from the book. Starting on Tuesday, a student will bring home a little "Shiloh" dog and a journal. Please encourage your child to journal their adventures with Shiloh at home. You can even take pictures and email them to me and they will be shared throughout the school!!! This is an awesome opportunity to read an incredible award winning book!!

BOOK ORDERS: Flyers for book orders went home on Thursday. If you are interested in ordering books, you can either send in money to me or order online. Remember, for every book you order our class earns points that can be spent on free books for our classroom!!!!! Already, we have received $50 in free books!!!!!

Friendship Party--February 11

1st grade has been asked to donated candy to the Friendship party. If you are wanting to sending in Valentine's for the kiddos, please do so by the 11th. We have 21 students in the classroom.

What's Been Going On This Week...

  • Reading--Wow!!! Reading excitement has bitten the students in room 1! I have noticed everyone has improved in their reading skills and are beginning to read more complex stories and books. Please keep encouraging your child to read at home!

  • Phonics/Sight Words This week, we are focusing on y as a vowel.

    Words that we will be learning to spell are: try, sky, funny, baby. As you practice writing these words, don't focus on memorizing the letters. Focus on stretching each word out, like a piece of bubble gum, and writing the sounds that they hear.

  • Sight words: Fort Osage uses the Fry Sight Word Lists. You should have received your child's sight words either in the planners or in their black folders. The goal for all first graders is to know all 100 of the first 100 sight words. Many students already know their first 100 and are working on harder lists. Some students are still working on learning their first 100 sight words. Please look over the lists and especially practice the words that are highlighted in blue. I'll be rechecking their progress in a few weeks.

  • Math-We have started working on adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers.

  • Writer's Workshop--Our next unit of writing study is non-fiction. We are working to writing non-fiction pieces on animals.

  • Leader in Me--Our Habit for the next few weeks is Habit 5--Seek first to understand, then be understood.

Specials~February 8 - 12

  • Monday, February 8--PE/Music

  • Tuesday, February 9--Art

  • Wednesday, February 10--Music/PE

  • Thursday, February 11--Library

  • Friday, February 12--Early Release