Yes to Standardized testing

by the elephants

benefits of Standardized Testing

Probably the greatest benefit of standardized testing is that teachers and schools are responsible for teaching students what they are required to know for these standardized tests. This is primarily because these scores become public record and teachers and schools who don’t perform up to par can come under intense scrutiny. This scrutiny can lead to the loss of job and in some cases a school can be closed or taken over by the state.Standardized testing allows students located in various schools, districts, and even states to be compared. Without standardized testing this comparison would not be possible.Standardized testing is typically accompanied by a set of established standards or instructional framework which provide teachers with guidance for what and when something needs to be taught.

The four same reasons that support our stance listed in the Ppt

1.measuring requirements for jobs, colleges scholarship oppertunities, etc..2.ensuring that schools are giving Americans the proper education  needed for today's society3.helps children make future decision such as career Choice4. improving the students edicational acheivement.

info, you should listen

You should listen to us, because we are on a poster,and Another thing is that high school seniors who do not  have to worry about state standardized testing often have trouble with their freshmen year of college. The test should be taken to assest the Student to see if the student has gathered the information needed to graduate and go into the very same work society with every one else in the world.