Green sea turtle



  • Classification: reptile.
  • Has a hard teardrop shaped shell. (Nat.Geog.)
  • Hexagon patterns on the shell.
  • Length: 4ft long
  • Weight: about 440-700 lbs. (Oceano)
  • Communication: different sounds (mostly a grunt).
  • Characteristic: sheds salt water through sweat glands.

Food Chain and Habitat

  • Feeds on sea grasses and algae. (Animals_exhibits)
  • Sharks and other large fishes pray on the green sea turtles.
  • Find food mainly on rocks or where plants are.
  • They are herbivores.
  • Live in the ocean.


  • Protection: Hard/camouflage shell.
  • Structures: Eyes on both sides(so they can see everything).
  • Behavior: Calm(usually) & defensive(when bothered/harmed). (Marine_animal)
  • Mouth is designed for scraping.
  • Fins for scraping through water to increase speed.

Reasons for Endangerment

  • Tasteful meat.
  • Good for jewelry making. (Turtlesendangered)
  • Quality shells people love. (Turtlesendangered)
  • Fibropapilloma Tumors.
  • The continuing loss of nesting habitat.