Bathroom Design Trends for 2017

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Bathroom Design for 2017

When it comes to a project like a bathroom remodel, there are so many different options, features and upgrades, that essentially you could have a different bathroom for every person in the United States. Yea, it’s pretty awesome. Unfortunately it can also be really overwhelming. Looking at materials alone, you can find dozens upon dozens of different tile materials, faucet materials, sinks… Thankfully you have pieces like this one to help you through it all. Below, you will find the top trends for 2017 in terms of bathroom design; different projects available, different materials that are popular this year, different features, and much more.

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Trough Sinks

Trough sinks also sometimes called farmhouse sinks are nothing new. In fact they have been around since the 19th century, popular in rural areas where farmland was present. These are NOT to be confused with double sinks. Double sinks tend to have that partition in the middle to separate the sinks. These tend to be oblong, almost rectangular in shape, and there is no partition, its just one long sink. These are very popular in kitchens, especially restaurant kitchens, but they can also be used in home kitchens, as well as bathrooms. These trough sinks come in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and they are incredibly useful, functional, and attractive to look at. If you want a different look than the same old same old single sink, double sink, or something like a pedestal sink, THIS is the style to go with.

The materials used for sinks vary from what you would usually expect like marble and concrete, to granite, copper, stainless steel and more. Each one is going to have its own pros and cons so it’s a good idea to go through each and make sure it offers what you want. For example, stainless steel might be inexpensive, but chances are its also going to look good and its not very good for scratches – they show up with every use. On the other hand, granite and marble are more expensive, but they look amazing and they are very durable, but since they weigh so much, you will probably have to have a contractor or installer come in and install them for you using special equipment.

Trough Sink Faucets

When it comes to faucets, people tend to choose one of three options. The first options is to use one faucet and place it right in the middle of the sink. The second option is a little more functional, and it uses one faucet at one end of the sink and another faucet at the other end of the sink. This is by far the most common. The third option uses a single faucet in the middle, and along the side there is another “knob” that lets you choose hot or cold water. This option is much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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Frameless Shower Enclosure

It seems like every single year someone is coming up with some new product, design or feature to allow you to be presented with something either more functional, aesthetically pleasing, or easier to maintain than the year before and showers, specifically shower enclosures are no different. One of the not so new options popping up in 2017 are frameless showers. This is a glass shower enclosure design that doesn’t have annoying or bulky frames. It used to be that when you had a shower, you used a shower curtain. Then, down the line may be you upgraded to a framed shower door. Well, now this is the thing to do. And it has its benefits, besides just being more attractive. There are a few different types of frameless showers, which can be found below. One important thing about these showers is that they require an expert to install so that there aren’t any leaks in the enclosure. If you are interested in installing a new shower enclosure you may want to contact a shower enclosure installation company. An installer come in and install them for you using special equipment.

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Bypass Frameless Shower

A Bypass Frameless Shower isn’t a luxurious shower by any means, but it is definitely the most inexpensive option of all the options available when it comes to a glass shower enclosure design. Essentially it’s just a plane old sheet of glass that fits into a frame. The frame is on the outside of this “frameless” shower, rather than around the edges.

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Frameless Door Shower Tub Combination

A Frameless Door Shower Tub Combination is a really cool option that can be created by a company that offers custom glass design in New Jersey. It’s a shower bath combination. On one side of the combination is a frameless hinged door. On the other side is a curved piece of glass to keep the water from the shower going on to the floor, plus it adds a certain sense of style. If you hire someone to do a custom glass option for you, you can make the door whatever size you want using whatever hinged metals you want and you can make the curve any shape, different widths, heights, thicknesses, etc.

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Heated Floors

Heated floors are amazing. Are they useful? Heck yea. Are they a selling point if you are selling your home now or will be in the future? Uh yes! Heated floors are also expensive though, so before you get all excited and start making a list, make sure you really check out prices and options available. On average when you get a bathroom floor installed, you can be looking at around $600 for 100sqft of space. This is a really superb option though if you live in colder climates and yes, it can be a selling point just like any other additional home feature. Heated floors can be used on all sorts of materials, but the two that are going to be really big sellers this year are porcelain and ceramic.

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Subway Tiles

Subway Tiles are in, that’s for sure. Not only can you create a back splash if that’s what you like, but you can create a focal point wall of tiles with patterns or a certain picture, you can use colors, you can use it like a trim, etc. Subway tiles are also in, not that they weren’t last year, because they were. Subway tiles are a good choice for both kitchens and bathrooms because they are incredibly durable, but they are also attractive to the eye and they are water resistant. Subway tiles and regular tiles come in all sorts of patterns, colors, shapes, styles and also materials. You can find porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, even glass. In fact, you can create some really cool glass patterns by hiring a custom glass design company. Subway tiles are popular in black, white, gray and cobalt blue. You definitely have a lot of options in 2017 when it comes to tiles and they offer a timeless look that no other feature can offer. If you want to add tiles to your bathroom but you aren’t sure how to go about the design you want, check out sites like for some cool ideas. You might be surprised at just how intricate the designs can get once you get to searching on the design and style websites – who knows, you might find something you really love that you want to copy into your own bathroom.

Metal Materials

Another big trend in 2017 is adding metallic and metal materials to your bathroom. You can go big or go small. Go big by adding in things like copper tubs or sinks. Or you can go small by adding in little touches of metals here and there with things like brushed stainless steel faucets, metal hardware, metal towel bars, metal shower rods, accessories and more. If you think that just one type of metal is trending, you would be wrong. Every type of metal you could or would ever find is trending, as long as it’s in the metallic or metal family, you can use it. Check out options such as: aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, wrought iron, etc. Each of these metals also has various metal finishes such as antiqued, brushed, hammered, polished and matte. With all of these options available, surely you can find a few metals and finishes that you really love. Metals and their finishes also have their own pros and cons. For example:

- Aluminum is very similar to stainless steel in terms of looks, but this metal won’t oxidize, it won’t fade, it won’t rust, and it’s pretty inexpensive.

- Brass has an almost yellowish gold look to it, it’s often used in hardware and faucets, but it can be used in other options as well. Brass tends to have an upscale look to it and the maintenance for this material is quite low. Solid brass can be pretty expensive though so unless you have the money to spend on it, you might want to look for brass plated items instead.

- Copper is reddish brown in color and can be found on all sorts of bathroom features. There are even copper ceilings you can buy! Other options include copper faucets, copper sinks, copper tubs and lighting. Copper can also be found on cookware and is a definite positive to anything heat-wise because of its superior heat conductivity. However, copper can turn from that pretty reddish brown to a greenish blue over time because of the oxidation. There are, however, sealants that you can use to prevent this from happening.

- Stainless steel looks a lot like aluminum, but it’s much stronger. It has a compound of carbon, iron, chromium and other metals and because of the chromium it won’t oxidize or corrode.

- Wrought Iron isn’t really a metal per se; it’s more of a process that occurs. It uses a black metal that when hot is hammered and bent into different shapes and curves and it tends to have a very rough surface.

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Duck Board Flooring

Duck Board Flooring is a sight for your eyes – looking at pictures online alone may leave you with oohs and ahhhs, just imagine how it would look and feel in your bathroom in real time. Wood flooring may not always be the best option for a wet and moisture ridden place like a bathroom, but this really depends on the type of wood you are using to be honest and if you are using a sealant or not. Duck board flooring might not sound familiar to you, but that’s okay! This is a type of wood that is incredibly warm and soft on your feet. It’s said that duck board is also gentle on the feet, knees and legs and offers a certain sense of comfort when standing or walking on it, but above all else, it’s very attractive to the eye. This can be used on the entire bathroom floor; it can be used for an indoor sauna, an entry to the tub or shower or even in steam rooms. Some people have also used it in their showers on the walls or on the flooring. It’s a slatted timber wood, but also comes in western cedar, that is definitely trending for 2017 and beyond.

Hopefully this guide helped you out, so when it comes to your own bathroom you will be less overwhelmed and more excited to get started! Remember, that while trends can be important when decorating, sometimes it’s less about the trends and more about what YOU love. It’s your bathroom after all; you might as well design it and decorate it how you want!

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