Riordan and Sean

How aphrodite came in to greek mythlogy

Aphrodite came into mythlogy by a seashell. Though she had no mom nor dad she had quite a loveing personality.

Faxs about Aphrodite

  1. She was the goddess of love and sea shells
  2. She came out of a sea shell
  3. She was the only godess that had no mom or dad.
  4. She had a son named Eros.
  5. Her husbands name is Hephaestus
  6. Hephaestus had made a jewel for Aphrodite
  7. Her son had a bow and a quiver
  8. She would rather have Ares for a husband than Hephaestus
  9. Once a year Aphrodite returend to Cythera and dived into the sea.
  10. People fought over her hand in marriage

What she is known for.

Aphrodite was known for being the godess of love and her beautiful looks.