The Formation of the Blue Mountains

Geographical perspective on the blue mountains.

Archaelogical tudies indicate that the Blue Mountains were formed around one million years ago as part of the Kosciusko Uplift during the Pliocene Epoch. Pressure from the east raised the area upwards in a monoclinal fold, reaching an elevation of around three thousand feet.

Aboriginal Perspective on the blue mountains

There is an Aboriginal legend that exists about the Three Sisters located in the Blue Mountains. The three huge rock formations were once three beautiful sisters named "Meehni", "Wimlah" and "Guennedoo" who originated from the Katoomba tribe. One day, they all fell in love with three brothers from the Nepean tribe however their tribal laws forbade their marriage. The three brothers from the Nepean tribe disobeyed the law and made an attempt at the capture of the three sisters by force. As a result, this caused a prodigious tribal battle along with the lives of the three sisters being threatened. A witchdoctor had then decided to turn the sisters into rocks for their protection and thought to reverse the spell after the battle, however the witchdoctor unfortunately died. Presently, the three sisters remain as the enormous and beautiful rock formations standing at 922m, 918m and 906m respectively.