Wood County Prevention

Eastwood Local Schools- December 2015

School Wide

TI Members Become JTI Leaders

Students in the Teen Institute group have started taking leadership roles. Every Junior Teen Institute meeting will be lead by two to three TI members. The JTI look up to the high school students and love seeing what they are up to.

On December 10th, Talia Barker and Daniel McKay ran the JTI group. Their activity was to have the JTI members divide into groups and hand off a golf ball on a spoon to the next person without dropping it. Many of the students felt as if they would be able to run with it so they could win. That wasn't the case. By the end of the group members learned that slow and steady wins the race.

On December 15th, Talia Barker and Ashley Heskett showed the group members how communication is very important when a task is given. They were to line up in alphabetical order by their first names, by their birthdays, and by their height while not talking. The students were getting frustrated since most of the students didn't know each other. In the second round the students were allowed to talk. Let's just say their times were cut in half.

Cyberbullying Awareness

The Teen Institute put together a poster to remind students to THINK before they use any type of social media. The group is trying to raise awareness on the issue of cyberbullying.
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Teen Institute Volunteers For Salvation Army

On December 16th, TI members Talia Barker, Stephanie Brockschmidt, and Lucy Diaz, volunteered at the Annual Christmas Toy and Food Distribution at the UAW Hall in Toledo. They were personal shoppers, assisting families with picking out toys and distributing food baskets. They enjoyed helping local families receive gifts for this year's Christmas.

Family Fun Night: Lights Before Christmas

On December 6th, Eastwood's Teen Institute promoted a Lights Before Christmas Event at The Toledo Zoo. Families gathered together to enjoy the lights while promoting healthy activities during the holiday season. Families had a chance to listen to the Eastwood HS Band and enter themselves into a drawing to win gift cards to both dinner and a movie. The winner was Olivia Flores. Overall, the weather was perfect and families had a good time.

Local Events

Wood County Youth Olympics Needs Volunteers

Saturday, March 12th 2016 at 8am-6pm

801 North Mercer Road

Bowling Green, OH

"The purpose of the Wood County Youth Olympics is to demonstrate that competition does not have to result in violence. Through this program, Wood County youth are given the opportunity to compete in a conflict free environment. In addition, the Youth Olympics strives to demonstrate the importance of individual accountability and personal excellence.

The Wood County Youth Olympics is an annual event that was created in 1999. It is held every March on the campus of Bowling Green State University. The event is open to 500 4th and 5th grade students who attend school or reside in Wood County. Participants from different school districts are paired together in teams to facilitate cooperation and team work. The Youth Olympics are coordinated with the assistance of community volunteers, including elected officials, law enforcement officers, and school personnel."

Retrieved from: http://prosecutor.co.wood.oh.us/cycle/streetwise/youth-olympics/

All About the WCESC

TI is IT!

Teen Institute (TI) is a drug free leadership program for high school students. Through the program, students develop the skills to become a positive leader within their schools and communities. Students are also equipped with the knowledge and abilities to not only make positive choice for themselves , but also to encourage their peers to make healthy decisions.

JTI is the middle school version of TI.

January TI Meetings:

Tuesday January 5th, before school

Tuesday January 12th, before school

Tuesday January 19th, before school

Tuesday January 26th, before school

January JTI Meetings:

Tuesday January 5th, AA

Thursday January 14th, AA

Wood County Prevention Program

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On- Site Prevention Office

I am the On-Site Prevention Specialist for Eastwood Local Schools. I am in the district every Tuesday and Thursday.

My Responsibilities:

  • Problem Identification (Referrals: Behavior, ATOD use, social support)
  • Life Skills Education Classes in HS
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer
  • Teen Institute Advisor
  • Junior Teen Institute Advisor