The Jag News

FM9 Student-Led News Source - November 2, 2016

NEW Basketball Spirit Shirt

The Boys Basketball Booster Club will be selling a patriotic (red, white and blue) JAGS short sleeved t-shirts next week on Thursday (Nov. 10) and Friday (Nov. 11) during all lunches at both FM9 and FMHS. Look for the tables set up in the FM9 cafeteria entrance and bring $15 to purchase a t-shirt.

The Jaguar Basketball team is asking all of their fans to wear the patriotic JAGS t-shirt to the first home basketball game of the season on Friday, November 11 at 7pm in the Arena. Jaguar Nation will also be celebrating and honoring our veterans that evening during half time for Veteran’s Night.

Stuff the Pantry ALL THIS Week

Show your support for LISD families in need through your canned food donations. The Stuff the Pantry drive, a joint effort between CCA, Metro Relief, and LISD, will help provide food for LISD families throughout the year and particularly this holiday season. FM9 did an amazing job last year collecting food and your help will be greatly appreciated again this year.

Bring canned food items to 2nd Period all week (Oct. 31-Nov. 4)

FM9 2nd Period with the most points wins a cookie party

Donate CANNED items ONLY

Donations worth DOUBLE points

- Canned Sweet Potatoes/Yams

- Canned Cranberry Sauce

- Canned Pie Filling

- Canned Evaporated Milk

- Canned Fruit

Donations worth SINGLE points

- Canned Green Beans

- Canned Peas

- Canned Corn

- Canned Carrots

- Canned Pumpkin

- Canned Gravy

- Canned Soups

How can FM9 be awesome and make a difference??

  • If each FM9 student brings at least 10 CANS of food

  • FM9 would collect more than 8,000 cans of food to really stuff the pantry and be a BIG help!

Spanish Club Meeting TODAY!

Happy Second Day of the Mexican celebration Day of the Dead!!! Spanish Club Members, please come to Mrs. Medjkane’s room 1630 today after school to celebrate Day of the Dead with skull cookies and crafts, treats and we will watch the movie “The Book of Life” in Spanish.

Finding Time

Being a student with high expectations in a very competitive high school is very stressful and is a large burden to carry. Along with good grades and a high GPA, we as students are expected to participate in an extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, or fine arts. Some might say that attending such a prestigious and demanding high school could be a full time job, seeing that we “work” more than 36 hours a week plus homework and other required activities that continue outside of school, getting paid in grades. For upperclassmen, college is just around the corner, and with that comes financial independence. Not only do they have college applications and essays they have to worry about, but they also have to generate some source of income. These expectations seem to be a necessity in our everyday life, so join us as we find out how the student body at FMHS finds time.

Little FISH in the BIG Sea

Coming into high school, we as freshmen are the new fish in the big blue sea. We are finding a way to discover who we are and what we want to be, while trying to maintain good grades, just like anyone else. Most of the freshmen aren’t old enough to drive, so we rely on parents or older siblings and friends to get around town. Because of the transportation limits, it's a little difficult find time to have a job of any kind. Being involved in the school, making new friends, learning to drive, and possibly fulfilling a job may be very hard to balance. Although our homework load may be considerably less than that of the upperclassmen, we still have lots to worry about, as we are thrown into a new environment and expecting to perform academically and socially at a high level.

Stay Strong Sophomores

Sophomores have a better advantages over freshmen because many are able to drive and have one full year of experience at how to manage and balance their time at school. Now having a better understanding of what they want to do, sophomores may be a little more involved with the clubs that are available at FMHS. They may find themselves having less free time, as they take advanced classes and become more involved in the school. This decrease in free time also diminishes the amount of time allowed to occupy a job to make money for gas, entertainment, and of course food!

Juniors & Seniors Look Ahead

College applications, essays, and resumés are a main focus for juniors and seniors looking for a university to call their own. Some seniors wish to end their high school year and begin their journey into college, while others wish to continue their fun and energetic experience as the top dogs in high school. Those working even harder to show off their dedication and desire for an education find themselves having even less time for leisurely activities than they did the earlier years. Juniors and seniors have the chance to take even more advanced classes, which comes with even more homework and dedication. Working to be leaders on campus and within the various organizations, the senior class carries a large burden on their back to be a great example and help the underclassmen have fun and carry out tradition. It is also seen, rather frequently, that seniors also occupy a job in order to pay for their expenses, as well as tackling 2-3 hours of homework each night. Students participating in time-demanding activities such as athletics, band, or honor societies become experts at time management and task completion. By finding a good balance in their work load, seniors are able to find time to meet deadlines and maybe even have a little time to relax.

School can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful, especially with the requirements placed on students by colleges, parents, teachers, and even our own selves. School could be considered a full-time job, students “work” at school for 41 hours a week, not including homework or other school-related time obligations. If you are feeling overwhelmed with homework, or if you are frustrated because of the lack of free time, upperclassmen suggest that you spread your assignments throughout the week allowing for better time management. They also suggest to find a balance between working all the time and doing something you truly enjoy. Remember that grades don’t define you, if you are struggling, ask for help, talk to friends, or take a break to relax.

BY: Brandon, Thomas, and Ty