Laser Eye Side Effects

Laser Eye Side Effects

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Lasik Surgery Side Effects Highlighted

Are you thinking of you doing a surgery to correct an eye problem? When it comes to any form of surgical procedure, people are always afraid of side effects and Lasik eye surgery is no exception. The following will highlight some of the possible Lasik surgery side effects that you could experience.

Under or Over Correction

Most people who undergo this type of surgery might not recover quickly or they might end up problems afterward. This is would happen if there was over correction or an under correction side effect. When this happens doctors generally recommend corrective lenses after surgery. There are also people who are recommended to get a more advanced surgery if the Lasik treatment was not suitable for them.

To Learn More About Laser Eye Side Effects

Eye infection

Laser surgery or treatment comes with a lower risk of getting an eye infection, but will not guarantee that you will be 100 % risk-free from it. An infection in the eye is among the side-effects that you can expect since your eyes are naturally receptive.

Halo effect

Patients normally experience this about 2 to 3 days after the procedure. If the peripheral cornea was not treated properly, this could cause your vision to be more distorted than it ought to be. In case you are experiencing this for one or more weeks, you should consult the doctor right away. You could have bigger problems if you ignore it. You should not drive a vehicle during the first week after doing the operation because the halo effect could cause you to have an accident.

Loss of flap

During the surgical procedure, a flap tissue will be made within the cornea. If you are injured or even touch your eyes 24 hours after the surgery, this could cause the flap to come out and result in eye problems. You should be in a safe place in order to avoid injury as well as get a doctor or a nurse to fix the plasters over your eye.

Dry eyes

Dryness of the eyes is a condition that will stop your eyes from producing the tears that is required for it to remain moist and clean. If you are experiencing burning sensation or an inflammation in the eye, then this would mean that you are affected by this side effect. For this, the doctor will prescribe an eye drop to treat the symptoms.

These are just some of the Laser surgery side effects that individuals will experience after doing this procedure. Therefore, it's important not just to think twice, but also many times to determine whether or not you want to undergo this surgery.

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