By Maci Watrous

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All About Martha

Name: Martha Helen Stewart

Date of birth: August 3, 1941 (75 year old) in Jersey City

Business: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

-Merchandising and media company

Martha was born into a family of 6 siblings where she discovered her passion for television and advertisement by being a model at the age of 13. She attended Barnard College in Manhattan where she met her husband and had her daughter. They decided to restore a 19th century home where she discovered her liking of remodeling, home design, and gourmet cooking. Soon, she opened a catering business that grew wildly popular. Within one year, Martha Stewart Inc. was at $1 million dollars serving celebrities and cooperations. Form here, her business flourished into Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.


-Martha Stewart Living and Wedding magazines

-PBS Cooking shows

-Wide variety of branded everyday life and home decor/items

-MSLO (Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia) was so popular in its time (around 90s) different retail companies requested to buy MSLO for $353 million.

-Within the first two years, MSLO already was valued at 2 billion bollards.

On the rise

Martha Stewart became on the rise by writing simple cook books that would make cooking easy and fun for everyone. Then she expanded her books into household entertainment and decorating, With her business growing rapidly, she decided to grow her business to magazines and television shows where she then became the CEO of her own business named Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. MSLO is now a company with a revenue of 160.7 million USD. Although, she had to resign in 2002 because she was sent to prison.
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Life In Jail

In late 2001, Stewart was blamed for Inside Trading. This is where you illegally sell and buy stock not open towards the public. In America this is highly offensive and a serious crime. Although she pleads innocent, she was sent to prison putting an end to her working for MSLO. Although prison is usually a bad thing, Martha embraced it by meeting new people and even taking up a job there. After her sentence, business picked right back up immediately. March of 2005, Stewart quickly began to host television shows and even wrote two new books. While Martha was on "break", MSLO did not suffer but actually thrived and was ready for her return for further flourish in business.