A Mediocre Break

By: Cynthia Stevens

Colga Visit

After school Friday my uncle came to pick me up to go to Columbus. I was so happy because I really miss Columbus. While I was there I got to see my favorite younger cousin and one of my closest friends.
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Raegan's 1st Birthday

To kick off my mediocre spring break, I went to Covington for my niece's first birthday party. The party was filled with plenty of babies and a lot of laughs.

Struggles of Essays

For most of my break I sat on my bed and struggled to write my evaluation essay. I rewrote it about 5 times and I am still in the process of rewriting it.

Basically I Did nothing

For half of the break I really did nothing. I sat at home and watched tv, played the Wii with my cousins, and chilled with a friend. I finally got a chance to watch a movie that everyone had told me to watch before, which is Brotherly Love. I loved it. It was great to finally get a break from Americus High though and I could wear what I want without Ms. Jones scolding me. It was pretty relaxing.
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Salvation Finally Came

Thursday night my mother finally came to take my sister, my friend, and me to Atlanta where she lives. The first day we spent time inside and also watched movies, but I felt better doing that there than at home if that makes sense. The second day though we went through all that Atlanta traffic to go to Lenox Square Mall. I love that place, its filled with so many beautiful stores and people. Walking around in there can be very tiring and I was actually glad to get in the car and leave.
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Sunday morning I got up early to travel back home, but to also go pick up my prom dress. I was so excited and anxious because I was really scared it wouldn't fit. it took about 10 minutes of trying to fix layers so it'll fit perfectly, but it fits and I cannot wait to wear it Saturday.

Slight sadness

When I finally reached Plains, I was kind of sad knowing that the next day I will have to go to school. i love learning, I just don't like being here, but we have to do what we have to do and I have to come here.
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