Falcon Focus

April 25, 2016

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To Do's and Calendar Updates

  • April 22nd: 6th Six Weeks Assessment Plans were Due - Please send copy to Laura, Farah, Sebrina, Kelly, Michele, Lisa, and Ann. Thanks!

  • April 25th: T-TESS Domain IV Self-Reflection and Goal Setting Due

  • Week of April 25th: Give CFA K-2

  • April 27th: The K-2 ELA Vertical team will be meeting in the Think Tank to work on the DRA kits, aligning the books we will give at each BOY, MOY, and EOY, and creating a quality control list of administering the DRA.

  • April 28th: Team Leader Meeting

  • April 29th: Specials Luncheon - Money due Wednesday

  • May 2nd: Keller U Catalog comes out

  • May 6th: Registration opens for Keller U

  • May 6th: Upload grades for Progress Reports

SAVE THE DATE: Keller University July 18th-21st!!!

KISD Rangers Night

Tuesday night is KISD Ranger's night. Enjoy jeans with your Ranger gear. Also, let your students know to wear their Ranger gear, too.

Professional Development and Learning - Faculty Meetings, PLC's, and Kelly Leach Visits

  • April 26th: PLC Meetings - Instructional Rounds - Everyone will have an opportunity to be a part of the instructional rounds experience on Tuesday. We have created a schedule so that you will be able to go into two classrooms to collect data on questioning. We will do a quick intro, conduct the walkthroughs, and then come back to sort the questions and do a quick debrief. This is a wonderful opportunity to also get into one another's classrooms and see the great things happening at Florence!

  • Week of May 2nd: Complete CFA Math analysis protocol on your own. It will be due due May 8th. (protocol will be posted next week)

  • May 3rd: Faculty Meeting (this was originally a PLC meeting day on the calendar, but we are changing it to a faculty meeting.

  • May 5th: Letterland Launch for Kinder and First grade - Meet with Kelly Leach and Kelly Persyn in the Think Tank

  • May 5th: Second grade meet with Kelly Leach in the Think Tank for a quick meeting on some Guided Reading Resources.

  • May 5th: Third and Fourth Grade - Kelly Leach will drop by to share some resources you may be able to use right now.

Consider the KISD Literacy Institute and sign up before the spots are filled.

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