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Athletic Pass Fees Lowered for Students & Families in 18-19!

The B-C-S Board of Education voted to approve changes to the pricing of some Oak Harbor Athletic Passes for the 2018-19 school year. The changes were made to make student athletic passes more affordable for families, and to encourage more attendance and school spirit at home athletic events. Also, a new "Family Pass" was introduced for a flat fee of $250. The Family Pass covers admission to any grades 7--12 Oak Harbor home athletic event for two adults and any school age child in the household. We are very excited that these lower fees may lead to larger and more spirited crowds to support our student athletes at home events. We believe that the revenue loss due to lower pass prices will be made up in a higher number of people purchasing passes. The new pricing is a win-win for families and Oak Harbor Athletics. Below are the changes:

Type of Pass*

NEW: Senior Citizen Pass (62 older) -- Life Time Pass $10.00 (one time charge for life)
OLD: Senior Citizen Pass (No Charge)

NEW: Adult Athletic Pass: $90.00
OLD: $90.00

NEW: Student Pass (K-12) $40.00
OLD: $75.00

NEW: Family Pass $250.00 (Would include up to 2 adults and any school age child in household, will include 2 reserve seats at home football games).


*These passes will not work for state-sanctioned tournaments held at Oak Harbor.

The one time charge of $10 for senior citizens to obtain a "Lifetime Athletic Pass" will be used to pay for supplies and to maintain records. This $10 fee only applies to new people who seek to obtain the Lifetime Athletic Pass.

All Athletic passes can be purchased at the District Fee Collection Days at Oak Harbor High School on Tuesday, August 14 & Thursday, August 16 from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM.

Thank you for your support, and GO ROCKETS!

B-C-S Schools Seeks to Secure Financial Future

OAK HARBOR---At their July 3rd meeting, the Benton-Carroll-Salem Board of Education voted unanimously to again place a 1% earned income tax issue before voters. The 1% earned income tax was rejected on May 8th by only 50 votes. The issue will appear on the November 6th general election ballot.

If passed, the 1% earned income tax would have to be paid by all district residents who have earned income--regardless of where they work. If passed, the income tax will be for a period of 5 years, and subject to renewal. According to the Ohio Department of Taxation, the 1% earned income tax would generate approximately $1.989 Million per year for the Benton-Carroll-Salem School District to be used for operating expenses.

According to the Ohio Department of Taxation, "earned income" only includes wages and self-employment earnings (including earnings from partnerships). "Earned income" does not include interest, dividends, capital gains, pensions, social security income, rental income, lottery winnings, and income earned by estates. Therefore, these types of income are not subject to the earned income tax.

The earned income tax is collected in the same manner as the state income tax: through employer withholding, or individual quarterly estimated payments, and annual returns. Employers are required to withhold the tax and submit payments to the state under the same rules and guidelines as they currently use to withhold the state income tax. Individuals subject to the tax are required to file an annual school district income tax return.

The Benton-Carroll-Salem School District is facing unprecedented revenue loss through no fault of its own. State officials have confirmed that the magnitude of loss faced by B-C-S has not been faced by any other school district. There are two factors that contribute to these unprecedented loses. The first financial hit is due to the recent de-valuation of the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station by its owner, First Energy, through the Ohio Department of Taxation. De-valuation means that the Ohio Department of Taxation reduced the taxable value of the electric generation equipment at the plant. The de-valuation results in an annual loss of $4.6 Million beginning in 2018. A second financial hit facing the District is the phase out of public utility tangible personal property (PUTPP) reimbursement payments from the state at the rate of approximately $278,000 per year, which began in 2015; and this loss is compounding. This phase out continues each year through 2030, which is a total loss of $4.5 Million when the phase out is complete.

A "B-C-S Bridge" payment from the state of approximately $1.8 Million per year for 3 years will help in the transition until the 1% earned income tax can be collected in full. It is important to remember that these funds from the state are temporary, and will end in 2021.

Over the past 7 years, the Board has prided itself on being fiscally conservative by looking at every job vacancy, and asking if staff can be more efficient and effective. The Board's fiscally conservative actions can be seen when looking at payroll expenses (which account for about 70% of the total budget). In Fiscal Year 2012, payroll was $11.5 Million. In that year, the Board made large cuts to staffing levels. As a result, in Fiscal Year 2013, payroll was $9.7 Million. Six years later, in Fiscal Year 2018, payroll expenses remain the same at $9.7 Million. This has been done while being innovative, adding services for students, and being one of the top performing school districts academically in the state. These efficiency measures will continue, but the magnitude of the annual revenue losses mean that the school district simply cannot cut its way out of the situation without drastically reducing educational opportunities for students. The school board is always looking for ways to always be fiscally conservative for our voters, and not just when money is needed.

"This vote is about controlling our own destiny as a school district community. Voting for this earned income tax means doubling down on a very high performing organization in our community in this time of uncertainty," said Superintendent Guy Parmigian.

The B-C-S Board has stated that if the 1% income tax does not pass then they will go on the ballot again because the need will not go away. The Board will soon be announcing community meetings that will be used to deliver information and answer questions. Citizens may also consult the district website at for more information or call the Board Office at (419) 898-6210.

B-C-S Board meets with Rep. Marcy Kaptur today to discuss the impact Davis-Besse, de-valuation, and US energy policy!

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Important Dates to remember starting in August!

Mark your calendars now and be prepared!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018
District Wide Fee Collection at OHHS, 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM
4th Grade Open House at OHMS, 4:30--6:00 PM

Thursday, August 16, 2018
District Wide Fee Collection at OHHS, 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM
OHHS Open House from 6:00--7:30 PM
8th Grade Orientation at OHHS Auditorium at 6:00 PM

Monday, August 20, 2018
Teacher Work Day
RCW Open House from 4:30--6:00 PM
OHMS Open House from 5:00--6:30 PM

Thursday, August 23, 2018
First Day of School!

MARK your Calendar for B-C-S Summer Lunch Club! Every Tuesday and Thursday through August 16th!

Benton-Carroll-Salem Summer Lunch Club continues through August 16! This program is sponsored by the COMMUNITY! This is a free lunch program offered to EVERY K-12 child in the B-C-S Community. Children are able to get a FREE lunch from 12 noon - 1:00 PM at St. John Evan. Lutheran Church, 2nd Floor!

Spread the great news!

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What's Going On At RC Waters Elementary?

Follow RC Waters Elementary on Twitter to keep up with what's going on!


R.C. Waters Security Vestibule

Staff and contractors are working to remodel the entrance of R.C. Waters Elementary School to create a secure vestibule that will be ready for the start of the 18-19 school year.

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What's Going On At Oak Harbor Middle School?

Follow Oak Harbor Middle School on Twitter to keep up with what's going on!


Please see link under Middle School Communications (found under schools on this website) regarding forms and information about summer and fall sports opportunities.

Reminder that he Deadline for the middle school Volleyball camp registration is this Friday! The camp is on Monday July 23rd and Tuesday July 24th!

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Follow Oak Harbor High School on Twitter to keep up with what's going on!


Raise the roof!

Work was done in June to replace the roof over the High School Gym. This replacement was paid for with Permanent Improvement (PI) Grant Funds. The completion of this work means that about 95% of the High School roof has been replaced in recent years and should be good to go for several decades to come!

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Our 7-12 OHSAA Parent meeting will be on July 25, 2018 at 7:00pm.

Please put out the word that this is a mandatory meeting for parents.

Also please pass this along to middle school coaches and parents as well.

We will have a coaches meeting at 6:00 pm in the Teachers lounge that night.


Hoover to Lead Athletic Department Hoover to Lead Athletic Department

Mr. Daniel Hoover sees a bright future for Oak Harbor Athletics! In June, Hoover was named the new Director of Athletics. Mr. Hoover will officially start his duties as Director of Athletics in August 2018, but has been busy over the past several weeks to help ensure a smooth transition. Mr. Hoover plans to meet with all head coaches for individual meetings to learn their needs, and goals for the future. Dan Hoover is a 31 year veteran of the Benton-Carroll-Salem School District who has most recently served as a Physical Education teacher, Assistant Athletic Director, and Athletic Trainer. In addition to serving as Director of Athletics, Mr. Hoover will remain a half-time physical education teacher at Oak Harbor HS. "As our new AD, Dan Hoover has an ambitious vision for providing world-class opportunities to Oak Harbor's student athletes. I know Dan looks forward to supporting and developing the outstanding coaches and volunteers we have here in Oak Harbor," said Superintendent Guy Parmigian.

Thank You Rocket Football Team!

These young men worked extremely hard today in the heat to help set up for tonight's festivities. The Rocket football team and coaches help set up and clean up each and every year for the Independence Day Celebrations Downtown.


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B-C-S 2018-2019 CALENDAR!

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Monday, July 23

HS Band Camp

Tuesday, July 24

HS Band Camp

Wednesday, July 25

HS Band Camp

7:00 PM Fall Athletes & Parent Meeting

Thursday, July 26

HS Band Camp

Friday, July 27

HS Band Camp

Tuesday, August 14

9:00am District Wide Fee Collection @ Oak Harbor High School

4:30pm MS ~ 4th Grade Open House @ Oak Harbor Middle School

Thursday, August 16

9:00am District Wide Fee Collection @ Oak Harbor High School

6:00pm HS ~ Open House

6:00pm HS ~ 8th Grade Orientation @ OHHS Auditorium

Monday, August 20

NO SCHOOL ~ Teacher Work Day

4:30pm RC ~ Open House

5:00pm MS ~ Open House

Tuesday, August 21

NO SCHOOL ~ Waiver Day #1 - District Staff Opening day

Wednesday, August 22

NO SCHOOL ~ Waiver Day #2 - Staff Only

Thursday, August 23

First Day of School!!!!

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The school district was founded on July 1, 1967 due to the consolidation of the Benton Township School District, the Carroll Township School District, and the Salem-Oak Harbor School District.Benton-Carroll-Salem Local School District, home of the Oak Harbor Rockets, serves 1700 students on three campuses: R.C. Waters Elementary School (Grades K--3), Oak Harbor Middle School (Grades 4--7), and Oak Harbor High School (Grades 8--12). The district is committed to serving the needs of all students to prepare them for the challenges of citizenship, the workforce, and life long learning.