Physical Therapist

By: Andrew Pierce

What is a Physical Therapist?

This occupation is for highly educated individuals who are interested in health and helping others. A physical therapist can help anyone reduce pain and improve mobility after an injury.

Certifications For A Physical Therapist

Although board certifications are voluntary for PTs, having one will make it easier for them to find a job.

Daily Life

A day for a PT can include examination, diagnosis, and care for their patients. Some of their patients can come in for a long time while some patients come in, get healed, and they are finished with their therapy. PTs must be able to communicate with their patients on what they are doing and what's happening to their bodies.

Education Of A PT

Must earn a degree from and accredited program or university in physical therapy. Schooling will take a doctoral degree.

Cash Money

On average, PTs make $80,000 a year. Starting out they will make a little less but normally the salary is pretty similar for all. Unless the need is high for a PT and the company has money to spend on them. Also, if the PT has been in the career for a long period of time, they may receive more money as they continue to work.

Skills Necessary

If a person wants to be a PT they will need to be very intelligent when it comes to the human body and they will need to have a motor that drives them to help others.


A PT can work for a big company or even own their own business.

Job Outlook

There is a high demand for physical therapists throughout the U.S. Employment is supposed to increase 36% in the next few years.
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