Taliban Infographic

Everything you need to know, about the Taliban.

History of the Taliban.

The Taliban emerged in Afghanistan in 1994. They are mainly supported by ethnic Pashtuns and they have talks between themselves and the Afghan government.

Facts on Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has a population of 31.2 million, and its growing fast. They have the 10th highest fertility rate in the world.

* The women marry young and each mother averages about 5 children each.

*Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan.

* 12.6% of Afghani women over 15 years of age can read.

* They have rich areas and poor areas.

*The Taliban ruled here for a while.

The Taliban's perversion of Sharia Law

What they twist the laws to be.

*They really distort Sharia Law.

*If you commit adultery, they stone you until your head splits open.

*The Taliban doesn't permit shaven men, and they want women to wear headdresses.

*The Taliban sought it to themselves to be the rescuers and heroes, when they were nothing but terrorists.

*The Taliban worship Allah, and Muhammad.