Anthology Project

By Kassi Cockrill


Kassi Cockrill was born in November of 2000, in Irving, Texas. She began writing poetry in the first grade when she wrote an acrostic poem as a mother’s day gift. She is currently growing up in Haslet, Texas and is being raised by her parents, Jeff and Kelly Cockrill. Kassi’s centers her poems themes around the feeling of home and comfort and reminisces through childhood memories that make her feel comfort and joy when she thinks or writes about them. Kassi hopes you enjoy her anthology project!

Where I'm From

I am from stuffed animals, from cheerios, from sonic.

I am from the cozy, inviting, warmth of my home.

I m from the bluebonnets, tulips, pecan trees, the rose bushes, poppies, sunshine.

I am from fried chicken on Christmas day, and brown hair, from Kelly and Cockrill and Strittmatter.

I am from the board-game players and the football watchers.

From “Sorry Charlie” and “Buckle up buttercup”.

I am from the catholic church during holidays.

I am from Irving, Texas and Germany.

From the time we went to the donut store and came home with a corgi, to being dressed up as a parrot for my first Halloween, to the time when I thought you could only breathe out of your ears.

I am from the office inside of a photo album with numerous child hood photos.

Leaping to Glory!

There Kassi was

Practicing and working

Perfecting her skills

Getting better by the day

The whole team had

Just stretched and was

Ready for the music to

Start so they could rehearse

Kassi was doing the dance,

Perfectly, hitting every

Accent with ease,

When all of the sudden

She did a pirouette, step-lead

Except her leap didn’t land,

She fell on the floor in

Front of her peers

Frightened to get back up,

She took a breath

She stood up mid-

Tomato-faced, built up

The courage, and kept

Dancing through the

Udder embarrassment

She proved to herself

The she could fight through

The embarrassment

And prove the she could

Do anything under pressure.

Stressed- Structure Poem

Stress is like an extra weight on your shoulders, nobody wants it, but in the end often enough it can make you stronger; that is, if you can handle it correctly. Stress can make people either rise to the occasion or crack under the lime-light. Stress can either make you do well in life and learn serious time-management skills and be happier and more successful in life or it can result in failure and can result in horrible life decisions to “relieve stress”. All I personally hope for in the future is that all of the stress I feel now is only helping me get stronger as a person, as a student, and as a teenager.

Ode to my hairtie

Ode to my hair tie, you hold my lions main of hair together when I have just washed it and don’t have the energy to blow-dry and straighten in. you let me know that even though my life and hair are both complete and udder messes… you’ll have my back forever and I couldn’t thank you enough for that. I’ll forever be indebted to you.

Falling in Love- Sonnet

Love doesn’t always work out the way you want it to

Sometimes it can have a lot of complications

It can be easy if you can make do

Or it can be difficult and make your heart go through many formations

Love can make you go through some kind of feeling

It can help you believe

Love can also leave you reeling

It can even make you receive

I’ve heard that falling in love is just crazy

Sometimes falling in love sounds so sweet

I’ve also heard that it can make things go hazy

Also, falling in love can be a real treat

Falling in love can help you achieve your hopes and dreams

However, when in love, nothing is ever as it seems.


I kind of liked this project. For starters, poetry is NOT the easiest topic in the world for me, nor do I think it will ever be. But I have to admit, it was a lot of fun to try out different poetry structures and step out of my comfort zone. It was also fun to write about myself since we don’t get to do that very often in this class. My favorite poem to write was definitely the “Where I’m From” poem because I got to sit down with my mom and learn a little bit more about my family when asking her some of the questions that was in the poem. Something that inspires me to become a better writer is when different authors write about their life, especially if their writing is sarcastic and has humor, those authors specifically draw my attention. My intended effect on the reader would’ve been to show a sense of comfort and joy when reading my poems.