Gender and Identity.

A journey of a teenage young adult.


I believe that I am a quiet shy girl that just loves to ride horses, preferably my own horse Chief. I am a young girl that tries hard, but I don't believe I try hard enough, that does not have a job yet, and am hoping to volunteer at a horse shelter sometime in the future. I aslo love animals and wish that humanity would stop killing them, at animal shelter's because no one wants to adopt them. I also get along easily with people if they talk to me first.

In the play Twelth Night, the character Viola is a servant to Orsino, one of the things Viola was trying to do was get Olivia with Orsino, even though Olivia doesn't want to be with Orsino. But also, her goali to one day be able to marry Orsino, even though she is disguised as a guy even though she can't tell anyone her identity. And because of that she is lost and lonely, and likes Orsino.


I am a female that goes to high school and rides horses on the weekends. I have never had a boyfriend before, horses come first. With the sport I do (horseback riding) I am not looked down upon because of my gender.

Viola is a female that, because she is a female, back in the time this play is taking place, she could not do as much work. So because of that she had disguised herself as a boy, then found some work for being a servant to Orsino. Also, because she is disguised as a male, she can't tell people who she truly is. But the reason she had to disguise herself as a boy, was because her mother and father, had died, while she thought her brother died on the shipreck, and she had nothing left.


I believe how others see me is, weaker then most people, and also really innocent. Or someone who can't take care of herself, also, that I don't want to start fights.

I believe that other characters in Twelth Night see Viola as, Olivia loves the way he looks, and wants to marry him. But Maria, Sir Andrew, and Sir Toby, don't like him at all, they think he is to stuck up, also they were messing with him, saying how Sir. Andrew wanted to fight him, althoug Viola does not like to start fights. That is proven by this, "You mistake, sir. I am sure no man hath any quarrel to me. My remembrance is very free and clear from any image of offense done to any man" (Act III scene iiii, 02-204

Similarities and differences

A similarity between Viola and myself is, we are both Loyal and don't like to start fights.

A difference is, I an tell who I am, although Vioa can't tel who he truly is.