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Week # 3!

Lets focus on how to get LOTs of guests to your trunk shows!

How to Increase Trunk Show Attendance

This week I wanted to share with y'all my theory on driving attendance to trunk shows. I really feel like this is so important and can change the way your show goes!

My experience has taught me 3 things about the invitation process.

1. Your invitation must be an electronics one that requires people to RSVP. Your invitation must be one that can be controlled and sent by YOU, but LOOKS like its coming from your hostess. Facebook invites, paper invites, texts, Redstamp, etc.... These are all fabulous additions to your main electronic invite.

2. You are going to want to prompt guests to respond to the invite on behalf of your hostess. People aren't ignoring your invite. It's just that they don't know what they are doing and if they will be able to come until 3 days or so before a show. Often, they want to RSVP, but have lost the invite in their email.

This prompt should go something like this: "Hi! Do you think you'll be able to swing by on Thursday night? Hope to get to see you! ~ Mary"

This prompt would go out to only the people that have not responded either way.

THIS is the MOST important thing that I can share with you. If your don't prompt them, they will forget and not respond. If it looks like its coming from the hostess, they will be more likely to respond.

3. Your invite should go out 2 weeks before the show. No more, no less.

4. A save the date is great. It's a great way to know you're hostess is committed and won't back out. Some people will also mark their calendars well in advance if they know of the date

5. Here is how my typical timeline might work:

· Send save the date if show is booked more than two weeks out

· Send invite from hostess two weeks before show. (Let's say show is a Thursday)

· One week before show send 1st prompt

· The week of the show send 2nd prompt on Monday

· If there are still less than 10 rsvps, you could send one more prompt the day before the show. Be careful with this. We don't want to over-do! I would do this if there are lots of people that have not responded yet

· Send a reminder the morning of the show

· The morning after, send an after-party email from you thanking everyone for coming and giving detailed instructions on how to order online

6. I use paperless It's free if you don't use the envelope on the electronic invite. You can access it through our stylist lounge. I use the branded invite. I'm able to make it read as coming from the hostess. I can click "write a message" to prompt guests. They also have an automatic reminder that you can set up to go out at your choice of times. You can also export the guest list with responses and comments to email and update your hostess periodically.