Leap Into Literacy 4th Grade

December 2018 / January 2019

Writing Workshop: Multimedia Stories

This article explains that by allowing students to spark their creativity with the possibilities that are available through the use of multimedia tools, you will empower their overall thinking and writing process.


Wednesday November 28, 2018 by Deb Frazier

Reading Intervention

Matching Interventions to Reading Needs: A Case for Differentiation

Jill S. Jones, Kristin Conradi, Steven J. Amendum

In this article, the authors discuss how teachers and specialists can differentiate reading interventions to target students’ needs and see overall reading growth.

Words Their Way

Do you need support in analyzing your students' Words Their Way Spelling Inventories and are you trying to find the time? Well, here is a great resource to make it all possible - EVEN establishing the groups to make it all fit in the 20-minute allotted time. (Disclaimer: There is a nominal fee for this that is not allotted for in the district or building budgets.)

Automatic Spelling Inventory: No More Hand-Filling Spelling Inventories

Visit A Reading or Writing Lab Site

Please remember that we continue to support your visitation to your colleagues' classrooms through our reading and writing lab sites. If you would like to visit a colleague, just reach out to your building's RDT. Think about an area of focus for your visit in order to make your time in your colleague's classroom meaningful and purposeful.

Happy Visiting!