Fifth Grade PEAK

September 19, 2014

Special Announcements:

  • Class Slogan: We will vote next week - we ran out of time!
  • Homework: If your child did not fill out the Google Survey on 5th grade brain topic survey- it is homework. I would also like your child to write his/her essential question in topic study. The link for this Powerpoint can be found on my webpage under the Students Resources tab.
  • Snack: I am going to allow snack BUT students can only bring in one of the following approved snacks: "Cheese its", Fresh Fruit, Fruit Roll Ups, or Gushers. We will stay away from unhealthy chips and sweets AND ABSOLUTELY NO PEANUT or TREE NUT ITEMS.


  • The Brain:

    • We reviewed online research tools - how to be safe when searching online.
    • Students spent time reading books and looking at websites to try to determine a brain topic to research. This was a BIG day to narrow our focus down to one research topic! We narrowed our brain topic using the ISSA tool - Interest, size, simplicity, and access.
    • Students filled out a Google survey form about their topic. The survey form can be found under Students Resources on my webpage. If your child did not fill this in during class,he/she needs to complete it at home.


Enrichment Centers:

  • Topic Study: Essential questions should be written. It is homework if your child did not complete it on Friday. Your child can click on the Essential Question Powerpoint on my Student Resource page on the PEAK webpage. I will give students feedback to help refine/hone essential questions. Students are doing an amazing job taking notes and planning projects. I love the focus!
  • Math: Problem solving --- This math is notably harder than previous years. Persistence is the key! There is great dialogue occurring while students are solving problems. I love to see the student engagement and application of problem solving skills.
  • Science: We finished our second science experiment. Our Testable Question: Will a Styrofoam or plastic cup collect more solar energy? Each student wrote a hypothesis, created data tables, conducted the experiment, recorded and averaged results. WOW! I am so proud of the students hard work. All information was recorded using Google Classroom. Next week, when students finish conclusions and graphs, they will submit the entire experiment to me via Google Classroom (electronically).

Note Taking Tips

Note Taking Study Tip - we took a pretest. Here is a video to show you the steps to our note taking procedure. We will take notes this year on Evernote.

Technology Buzz:

Google Drive:
  • Actively using Google Classroom (we are even writing goals electronically)


  • Signed up for a PEAK Powtoons Account

Twitter link: (found on my webpage)

  • Students can "tweet" in 140 characters or less - something they learned in PEAK. We are posting tweets weekly on my board "tweets from PEAK"


  • Online note taking application used during Topic Study