Interdisciplinary unit


where i see conflict

Most of the conflicts i see happen school. In social studies some of the conflicts are north vs south. In math some of the conflicts are negative numbers. In language arts a conflict is the book mississippi trial. In science the tectonic plates meet and cause a conflict. Some conflicts at home when i get dress shorts and pants. In the today life there are conflict ever where and you don't even know.
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Conflict in social studies

i see conflict during the industrial revolution in the mills. Mill owners are richer and well educated, unlike the workers poor and broke. Mill owners did't need child labor like the mill workers. Back then, if you were a mill worker, you needed all the help you could get, and all the money you could get. I don't think parents wanted their children working in the mill but they needed as much as help possible. Being a mill worker sucked you work long hours, but recived little pay, while mill owners had fun and parties with there children. During the industrial receloution the mill was a major conglict and i know workers hated it
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conflict in science

science is a main subject with lots of conflict. when the tectonic plates meet a conflict occurs. During an earthquake a conflict is occurring. THere are different types of rocks, when lava cools it turns into maga. Science is a major conflict subject usually when you study rocks.
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conflict in math

Math has lots of conflicts usually numbers. Usually the conflict is between negative and positive numbers. Negative to the left and positive to the right. 0 it really isn't considered as a number be cause it isn't classified as a negative or a positive. Dealing with negative and positive numbers can be very difficult if you don't know what you are doing. -1+1=0 or 5+-6=-1

conflict in language arts

In language arts there is a lot of conflict usually in books like the Mississippi Trial,1955 and Battle of Jericho. in the Mississippi Trial Emmett till was brutally murdered by two white men and a woman named Carolyn. During the trial it was a argument between weather carolyn knew emmett and if she didn't she lied and said she didn't know him when she really did. During the battle of jericho he wanted to be a WOD but in order to become one you had to pledge and the whole time they were being teased and bullied, but all of that changed when josh died and they shut it down.
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