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November & December

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You and Your Classes!

We would love to reserve a space for you and your classes in the library! We can collaborate on a lesson, research using library resources--print and digital, or use the MakerSpace! Come by to see when we have availability...or email us at: or

Student Work

Churchill has so many talented students. Let us know if you'd like to showcase some of their work in the library.

Collaborative Opportunities in November

  • Ms. Seay's and Ms. Hoffman's Art students researched artists and their methods and styles in preparation for creating their own piece in that same style. We used digital notes to paraphrase and summarize information learned, and their NEISD Google accounts and forms to share information between students and teacher.
  • Health students in Coach Hultgren's classes researched classifications and names of illegal drugs.
  • English IV students from Ms. McClatchey's, Ms. Stiefvater's, and Ms. Williams' classes researched a variety of topics under the Middle Ages in databases. They were instructed on search terms, advanced searches, citations, and MLA formatting of bibliographies. Students used digital note-taking to record their knowledge gained, and created Works Cited pages.
  • Ms. Eggleston's Business students were instructed on how to create and use a Smore newsflyer. They used this Web 2.0 tool to record their information about various businesses.
  • Students in Ms. Steitle's, Mr. Pintor's, Ms. Gibson's, and Ms. Robison's English I classes received instruction in database searching, digital note-taking, and using various applications in their Google Accounts in conjunction with their research on famous people and their times. The final product was a Fake Twitter page shared through Google Forms. Ms. Wedgworth's students in English II completed a similar assignment.

Collaborative Opportunities in December

  • Ms. Weil brought her Business classes to the library to finalize their long-term research project in the form of a Business Plan. They were instructed on MLA formatting related to a bibliography page as well as searching in databases.
  • Ms. Carrier's European History classes conducted research in databases on The French Revolution in preparation for creating a magazine of that era.
  • Students in Ms. Charlton's and Ms. Schmitt's classes completed their PSAs related to previous research about various social issues.

Other Library Usage


District English Department meeting

Proctor test for college student

National Merit Breakfast

Student Book Club

PTA Board Meeting

Athletic Scholarship Signing

College Access & Success Adviser

PTA Pie Distribution

REteACH Tutoring


Faculty Book Club

Student Book Club

English STAAR Pull-out

Make-up STAAR testing

HOSA testing

Proctor test for college student

REteACH Tutoring


Circulation Statistics-November

Number of books checked out:

Freshmen 26

Sophomores 49

Juniors 60

Seniors 16

Faculty 150

OverDrive 46

Total-- 347

Circulation Statistics-December

Number of books checked out:

Freshmen 39

Sophomores 37

Juniors 34

Seniors 12

Faculty 55

OverDrive 13

Total-- 190

Library Usage November

Number of:

School Days Open 16

School Days Closed 0

Classes Served 52

Visitors Before School 869

Visitors During Lunch 2452

Individual Visitors from Class 564

Library Usage December

Number of:

School Days Open 9

School Days Closed 5 (Due to testing)

Classes Served 28

Visitors Before School 582

Visitors During Lunch 1439

Individual Visitors from Class 673