by Breckyn Hamm

What is a Tornados?

Tornados are a violent rotating column of air that begin in a thunderstorm and extend to the ground. They have wind up to 300 (mph). Tornados can destroy large buildings, and cars they have even been know to drive straw into trees.

What is a hook echo and how is it related to a tornado?

To begin with, Hook echo describes a pattern in a radar reflectivity images they look like a hook extending from the radar echo. Hook Echo's are one of the classic hall marks of a tornado. The National Weather Service may consider the presence of a hook echo as sufficient evidence justify is suggesting a tornado warning.

How does a torndo form?

Tornado's need warm moist air and cool dry the cool air comes from Canada and the warm air comes from the Gulf of Mexico then when these two air mass meet they cause the wind to speed up with winds about 300( mph) that create a tornado . The tornado can destroy many buildings.

How meny tornados can form at one time?

one way that two tornado can occur is through a processes called occlusion . This occur when one tornado starts to dissipate and a cold front overtakes a warm front. Another way that two tornadoes can form is multiple vortex tornados.
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F5 - Powerful Tornado