Welcome to 1/2 Dodson's Webpage!

Miss To

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Welcome to our webpage!

We are so exctied you have chosen to visit us.

This webpage is designed so you can see what is happening in 1/2 Dodson's classroom.

You can read and veiw photos to see the learning progress in the classroom.

I hope this webpage is useful and helps you stay updated on your child's education.

Thanks for dropping by!!

Miss Baxter To


Throughout the year students in stage 1 are focusing on speaking & listening, reading and writing. This will be happening everyday in the classroom. Students have the opportunity to work collaboratively to become active listeners, fluent readers and fantastic writers.

This term students are learning about the Dreamtime where, they will be exploring the Aboriginal understanding of the world through children books. Class 1/2 Dodson are very excited about learning about the Aboriginal Dreamtime!


Mathematics is taught everyday in 1/2 Dodson's classroom. In term 1, students in 1/2 Dodson are learning how to count forward and backwards, addition, subtraction, fractions, multiplication, division and number patterns. They will be exposed to different mathematical teaching tools in order to become competent mathematical thinkers. Mathematical teaching tools includes a variety of appropriate concrete materials and

interactive thinking games.

Students also have the opportunity to access 'Mathletics' at home via the website provided below. Students have been given their user and password in their RED folder.