Tribute to Jonathan Skewes

By: Audrey Skewes

A little about Jonathan Skewes

Jonathan Skewes is a courageous young man who will put anything to the test. He is a sophomore in college attending Penn State University. However, his second semester of junior year he will be studying abroad in Paris. This is a brave step that he is taking but he is 100% ready. What comes first to Jonathan is family. Even though he is in college, calling my sister and I is a routine. He visits as much as he can which is always nice. Overall, he is a very lovable person with a big heart.

Defining a Hero defines a hero as a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal. When one thinks of a hero, Superwomen, Gandhi, or your mom might come to mind. A hero is a figure in your life who has shaped you into the person you are and does things for the greater good.

A hero is someone who inspires and pushes you to do your best. Imagine being down and wanting to give up. Consider that you have tried everything but nothing seems right. Your hero could help and motivate you in a heartbeat. A hero is always there for you. No matter what situation you're in they will give you a helping hand. Personally I know my hero is always there to help me and others. Turning to your hero at low moments can be a great thing. They know you can't give up and support you to try harder. They know you are a stronger person. They know this is a phase they can help you through. Heroes are people who will try to push and inspire you to be your best.

A hero is someone who does things for the greater good. Imagine little kids not having a mother or father figure in their life. Consider them being lonely and wanting someone to look up to. All they want is a positive role model who will show them the right way. A hero would gladly take time out of their day to do community service.This would impact and mean so much to the kids. Getting to see new faces that bring hope. Not all heroes have the time to do this with their overwhelming schedules. But all heroes have kindness in their heart to share with everyone. Heros should be willing to give up free time to help the needy. Even if it's helping at an animal shelter or a school. Anything and everything count.

My hero, which is my brother, connects to my claim 100%. Ever since I can remember my brother has pushed me to be my best. I did gymnastics for four years. My skills were increasing and I was at the gym more and more. Gymnastics was taking over my social life or what I thought at eight years old. Quitting was on my mind 24/7. My brother was always encouraging me to stay and do what I loved. I chose friends over gymnastics which I still regret today. When it comes to putting others before himself this is what my brother does best. He did community service all four years of high school. Connecting with his boy meant so much to both of them. They impacted each others lives. After school everyday for three hours they spent quality time. A total of fifteen hours a week he was seeing this little boy. My brother didn't realize how much he affected him and his decision until his last year. He would help him with homework or just simply talk. Everyday felt like the last. In the end they both connected and made a huge impact on each other's lives.My brother is all about putting others before himself. On Christmas he wanted to go to a soup kitchen and help the needy. All in all, since day one, my brother has been there to encourage and there to help.

How sushi connects to Jonathan

I chose to learn and make sushi because it has always been a favorite food of mine. My family loves sushi and has never learned or tried to make it. Sushi connects to my personal hero which is my brother because he is addicted to sushi. The food has always interested me. Sushi seems easy to make but as a matter of fact it isn't as easy as it looks. There are a lot of steps I didn't know. I knew it would take time but I didn't know that you need to be so precise. Now I can make sushi with or for my family. Sadly, my brother couldn't try it because he is in college. But I know that he would be a fan.

Untouchable Hero

Russell Wilson