SS Conner Newsletter

October 3, 2016

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Team Conner Updates...going for the GOLD


10/3 Faculty Meeting---Data analysis PLC (during grade level planning time)
10/3 Start of 2nd Six Weeks
10/4 Grade level planning
10/5 Flu Clinic 11:30-1:00 PM
10/10 Columbus Day
10/10 Professional Development Think Through Math

10/10-10/17 Book Fair
10/11 Principal for a Day

10/12-13 Awards Assembly (more details to come)
10/13 Parent Conferences
10/17 Vertical Team Meetings

10/17-10/21 Character Counts Week (more details from Ms. Michael)

10/24-10/28 Red Ribbon Week (more details from Ms. Michael)

10/31 Dress as your favorite book character (info to follow from Ms. Fuller)

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Engaging students with foldables :)

  • Foldables are 3-D interactive graphic tools that help teachers and students organize and master complex information. They are a fun and engaging way for students to create a learning tool for themselves.
  • Paper is folded, stapled or cut in a certain way and information is written inside or outside so that topics can be practiced and learned as the paper is manipulated.
  • Kinesthetic learners enjoy using foldables because they involve hands-on activity, as opposed to worksheets or pencil-to-paper drills.
  • Students can review, study and take the foldables with them in their backpack
  • Visual learners are intrigued as well, usually with graphs and diagrams they draw when creating foldables.

Click on the links below to take you to the queen of foldables Dinah Zike. It is full of examples and tutorials for creating and planning for foldables in your classroom :)

Teks Resource System

Click on the link below to take you to TRS, where you can find all resources available to you related to content.

TEI teacher performance rubric focus will be...2.3

Delivery: Explains instructional content clearly and cohesively

2.3 Delivery: Explains instructional content clearly and cohesively

Essential Teacher Skills and Actions:
  • Supports objectives, prior learning, and all student populations based on their subject, grade, and level with appropriate instructional strategies
  • Delivers content clearly, accurately, and coherently
  • Utilizes appropriate instructional materials (see ReadWorks & Foldables for ideas)
  • Emphasizes the value and connection of content to overall learning and prior knowledge
  • Utilizes differentiated and relevant instructional strategies (see ReadWorks & Foldables for ideas), questioning techniques, procedures, and material to vary activities and maintain appropriate pacing and sequencing

Below is an excellent resource available, for free, to teachers. There are lesson plan ideas, additional reading passages, question sets, paired texts, StepReads and audio versions. Read Works sends weekly updates on their highlights for the week, therefore I will post the highlighted information here on the SS Conner Newsletter.

Reading two texts with a similar theme, topic, or other element, can help move your students towards reading and comprehending more complex texts:

K-12th Grade Paired Texts & Question Sets

Each pair comes with questions that explore the relationship between the two texts.

To find the paired text of a passage, go to the passage page and click the green tab labeled “Paired Texts.” You can find the paired text questions on this tab as well.

Happy Teaching!

Skyline Feeder Pattern Content Training

Monday, Oct. 31st, 3:30-5:30pm

Sessions & Locations...

Flu Shot

Wednesday, Oct. 5th, 11:30am-1pm

3037 Green Meadow Drive

Dallas, TX

Bring your insurance card and in trade get issued a FLU SHOT!!!

See Ms. Alexander for more info :)

Think Central order to access Think central please follow the steps below:
•Username: full email address/ PW: EAD Password
•Click on Think Central icon/HRW icon •Accept (or allow) the question by clicking “OK” •This should take you directly to the HMH Dashboard •Happy Huntin

The date is approaching....Oct 7 is your last day for compliance videos :0

Compliance Videos

The compliance videos are now available through Region X. All staff members will be required to complete the required training.

As of May 1st, you must create a new Region X account.

Click here to go to the sign on page:

  • Click the Create New Account link below and complete the information requested.
  • Validate your new account: You will receive an E-mail confirmation with instructions to validate your account. You will have 5 days to validate your account. After 5 days your account will be deleted.
  • Once validated, the system will return you to the Region 10 site where you may access the Online Learning Center again.
  • Also attached to this email are instructions on how to find and access the compliance courses via Region 10 in order to ensure you receive the annual compliance training required by Dallas ISD. The coversheet for compliance course certificates is also attached.
  • The best practice is to have the courses completed before school starts to allow you to focus on instruction.
  • Submit your certificates to Mrs. Watson August 15th.

Link to Region Compliance Courses:

SS Conner Vision and Mission

S. S. Conner provides a world-class education that produces lifelong learners who are prepared to tap into their unlimited potential to positively impact our collective prosperity.
S.S. Conner will prepare 100% of scholars to excel through college using our core values to create life-long learners and responsible global citizens.
  • Significantly increase scholars’ reading proficiency in general education classrooms
  • Improve instructional practice through PLCs and a culture of feedback and support
  • Establish a positive campus environment