Marissa Mayer

Macaela Brown


Marissa Mayer wrote books like Cinder, Fairest, Scarlet, Cress and Winter. There all adventurous books and Mysteries. They all connect to the book Cinder. Marissa Mayer was born May 30, 1975, in Wausau, Wisconsin. Marissa spent 13 years at google and developed website. Marissa described her early years as a small-town childhood. She grew up thinking that she would be a doctor, while at Stanford she grew a passion for computers. Marissa earned her Bachelor in Science and Master. She also had 14 jobs that google afford her. Mayer 14th job the owner of google quizzed her to see how intelligence she is. " Mayer become the company's 20th employee and it's first female engineer.'' What she do at google that is recognizable is google maps, Google Earth, Street View, Google News and Gmail. Mayer was know as the fashionista because she designed google home page. Mayer had to move on and see what's happens next in her future. In July 2012, Marissa had became the resident and CEO. Mayer was the fifth person to get hired CEO by Yahoo. In September of 2013 Mayer was on the Fortune Magazine for being " 40 Under 40" list of business leaders. During that month she also was on the magazine of Vogue. She was wearing a blue dress on the magazine. People feel like she's a threat because how good she is and how great she is with computers. Mayer is married to her husband Zachary Bogue. They had a child in 2012 named Macallister. After that she posted on Tumble Blog that she was pregnant with identical

twins. Since she was pregnant she had to take time off of work and start to focus on her children. She had to make sure they were healthy and good babies. When the children started to grew up who are now adults she began to start writing books. Her very first book was Cinder which was the top selling book. She then started writing more books and she had got an award for the best book selling.

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