The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean

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Sam Kean, author and chemistry lover, explains the Periodic Table of Elements with a whole new set of eyes. From Mercury in his childhood home to chemistry in warfare, Kean keeps you intrigued the entire time. This New York Times Best Seller elaborates on the elements in a way that you never imagined could be done. Kean really makes it clear that chemistry truly is in everything. He will make you want to get your safety goggles on and head to the lab!

What You'll Learn:

After reading The Disappearing Spoon, you will feel like a chemist yourself. You will learn about things close to home, like the danger of a mercury thermometer, as well as new subjects like chemistry in the medical field. Everything you know about chemistry will finally come together and make sense as Sam Kean teaches the elements in a personal, modern way.