Exterior Painting Prep

It is important to prepare the house before painting it.

The preparation process will make any paint job look good and last longer by increasing its durability, releasing dirt particles from pores in brick, concrete, or stone exteriors, which can cause a rough finish if not removed; filling surface irregularities such as cracks with caulk so they won't show through the new coat of color desired.

It's essential to get your exterior ready before you start painting because this step ensures that both health and safety are protected while also providing an excellent final product (the new paint) on behalf of your clients!

Here are some basic steps to follow when preparing your prized clients' home:

  1. Remove mold: The best way to remove mold is with bleach or another EPA-registered product that can kill the spores. Apply it directly on any areas where you find a black, green, brown stain and watch for a brightening effect.

  1. Wash the exterior: The first step in any painting project is to make sure the surface of your home is clean. If it has existing paint, power washing can help you get this part done quickly and effectively! There are other options available for stained or dirty surfaces as well; pressure washers work best on walls that aren't painted yet.

  1. Repair if Needed: Inspect your house for damage and missing paint. Fill in any holes, caulk the surfaces, and remove all poorly adhering paint with a scraper by hand- it'll take time but you will get better results than if you used a chemical or electric sander.

  1. Sand the Walls: Roughing up surfaces is a time-proven way to get the best results for your paint job. Sanding away at exterior walls creates a mechanical bond between coats of paint, so that no matter how long you walk around it or admire its beauty, all will be well and good when looking back on the day's work with pride!

  1. Prime your Walls: If it's been a while since your last paint job or if you have recently moved into an apartment, then priming is essential. This will ensure the new coat of paint sticks to all parts and doesn't peel off any old layers from before. To create a cohesive look that makes everything on top seamless with what was there already, prime every surface - both inside and out; walls, ceilings, trim work around doors & windows... etc!

Don’t want the pressure of doing your own paint job? Call professionals! At APM Construction Service we can provide you with the best finishes, and perfect results. Feel free to contact us!

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