Football With The Travel Team

Road to the Championship

What I did this Summer

This summer I did a good amount of things including going to a lake to swim, play with some friends, and even just hang around my house a few times too. But instead of having to skip two weeks of my favorite sport, due to a couple of surgeries, I look forward to firing out hard this year.

Libertyville High School Football Field

The first picture is related with physical science because of the fact that everything on it is constantly moving , whether its a football game, a soccer game, or even a lacross game.

Thunder Cloud or Weather

The second picture is of a thunder cloud because in football you don't always have the best of weather to play in. This picture is related to ... science because mother nature is forming some type of weather in the sky and it later comes down as precipitation.

LBC Football Field

My third and final picture is the LBC football field. (LBC stands for Libertyville Boys Club) This picture has to do with earth science because its a grass field so it wasn't human made besides the white lines that run down the field shown the yard markers.