By, Cade Harkner


The climate of Europe is on the west coasts and to the north is Temperate, and to the south is Meddeteranian.

Major Places

Some major places in Europe consist of The Tower of London, Big Ben, the Colosseum, the Berlin Wall, the Effil Tower and much more.


Europe is made up of a Europe has a Free market system, and most of the continent has a high GDP. Also the poorest people there are less poor than the poor in the U.S.


Europeans typicly speak one of the following languages: French, German, Russian, and Greek.

Daily life

Daily life in Europe is hard, but yet also fun. Kids work hard at school and pareants are off working hard at work. Kids have a lot of pressure to keep Europe's literacy rate in the 90s-100. After school/Work though, kids might go and play f`utbol with freinds or go watch a tennis match.


Arts consist of visuals, and the earliest forms were mobile rock carvings and wall paintings. Aryts in Europe were largly influenced by the Roman Empire and Greek culture. Europe is also known well for its amazing poetry and plays.


People in Europe like to play a multitude of sports. Some of these are tennis, cricket, f`utbol, and American football is also becoming popular.


About 739 million people were recorded in 2011.


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