1920's Research Project

Isaac Rodriguez Per.1

The Red Scare

The Red Scare was the fear of Communism spreading throughout the U.S. Communism is a form of socialism, shared wealth is the main idea. The U.S. is afraid of this because we are a Capitalist country.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford was an American innovator. A pioneer in the automobile industry. His innovations not only aided his own business, but it revolutionized the way products were manufactured. How did he do this? He did it with the assembly line. This made products much less expensive to produce.

The New World of Automobility

Thanks to Henry Ford's affordable Model T, many Americans are driving cars. The car changes everything. People no longer have to live in the city near where they work. Because of this, suburbs are created outside of big cities. People can now travel for fun. The automobile also gives women and teenagers more freedom.

Mass Media: The Radio

The radio changed the culture of the U.S. People from all over were gathering around their radios to listen to radio shows and music. People could talk about what they heard with their friends who lived across town. The radio brought people together

The Birth of Movies and Movie Stars

Movies were a big part of the growth of the consumer culture in the U.S. Movie stars helped highlight this idea of fame and being a celebrity. Movies were also good ways to advertise things, and the movies themselves were able to show the idea of individualism.

Roles of Women

The 1920's gave women the right to vote with the 19th amendment. with this new freedom came flappers. Flappers were women who wore short skirts, put their hair up, drank, and loved to have fun. These women were looked down upon by the more conservative women of society.

The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes

The Scopes trial was a legal case in which a substitute teacher by the name of John Thomas Scopes was accused of violating Tennessee's Butler Act, which made it illegal to teach Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

Fighting Racism

Racism was at an all time high with the KKK reaching it's highest number of members. To combat this racism, African nationalists rose up to fight this racism. Men like W.E.B Du Bois, Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey. They all fought racism in their own ways, but it was all for the same cause.

Origins of Jazz

The 1920's was time of huge advances in the music industry. Jazz was introduced by Louis Armstrong. Jazz is an improvisational music that is up beat and people can dance to it. Another genre introduced was blues. Blues is a more soulful form of jazz.

Jazz Age Importance

The work of jazz and blues musicians was very important to the time. It helped during the Harlem Renaissance. The music helped get some African Americans very wealthy, which showed that they could do it.

Painters of the Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance shown the light on many great African American painters. Such as Aaron Douglas, who was the artist who best portrayed the, "New Negro" philosophy. He painted murals and produced illustrations and cover designs for publications like The Crisis.

Poets of the Harlem Renaissance

There were many poets that came up during the Harlem Renaissance. One of, if not the most popular poet was Langston Hughes. Langston Hughes wrote many inspiring poems.

Heroes of American Aviation

Amelia Earhart is the first pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean. She was also influential in the formation of the Ninety-Nines, a group of female pilots. Charles Lindbergh was the first world known superstar. Thanks to his non-stop flight from New York to Paris.

American Sports

Babe Ruth was the poster boy of American baseball. During the 20's Babe Ruth joined the New York Yankees. This is where his fame blew up. His bat was the reason so many people would flood to Yankees Stadium. Near the end of his career with the Yankees Babe Ruth made his famous called shot.

Organized Crime

The 1920's brought an era of prohibition. Prohibition was the act of banning the sale and manufacturing of alcohol. This was thought to lower the crime rate, but it actually made it a lot worse. Alcohol was being made and sold illegally, gangs were killing each other to get all the business.

Racism and Nativism

In the 1920's the KKK had reached an all time high in members. Lynching, segregation, discrimination. This was all very common during this time. Blacks were thought of as animals, not being able to go to the same places as whites due to Jim Crow laws.

Immigration Restriction

The 1924 Immigration act set quotas that limited annual immigration from particular countries.