Tori Smith

First Trimester / Mom

seven out of ten woman have early pregnancy symptoms by the time they're six weeks. If you don't keep track of your cycle-and affect then you may not be sure when to expect your cycle but if you start to feel the early pregnancy affect then you should take a home test . You can have unusual craving as early as weeks . Also When you are beginning your pregnancy its not unusual to feel repelled by most things and curtain things might trigger your gag reflexes.

New Dad To Be

You finally Decided to get her pregnant but the only part that is running through her head right now is if your going to stay. Now Its your time to man up she may not think you're that interested or she may be hesitant that your going to 'burn out'' so you have to show her that your interested the whole step of the way . she is going to have different emotions and have crazy hormonal changes she can't help. the best choice is to just stick through and and don't argue she is going to need you the most .

Second Trimester

When giving birth you need to expect the unexpected since no birth ever goes exactly according to planed. if you're among the 50% of pregnant moms who are over weight or one in five who is obese , the odds are in your favor of having a safe pregnancy. birth control after pregnancy may even seem like a nonissue after all your body is recovering from a pretty major but its best unless you want back to back babies.

What To Expect With The Baby

Finally your big moment is here and your little baby comes out . They eat a lot , make a lot of noise , the baby is not trying to bother you by crying but they are trying to communicate in the only language they know. they might not know how to use words like older people they are using what people call '' baby talk''. your kids are more likely to become good buddies when they're so close in age .