Fire and Entertainment From 1700's

By: Mitchell McCann and Andrew Congdon


New types on music were evolved during this era. The three main composers were,

  • Johann Sebastian Bach- A devout German Lutheran wrote complex and beautiful work. He was most famous for writing religious works for organ and choirs.
  • George Frederick Handel-George spent much of his life in England. There he wrote “water music” and other pieces for king George I. George is most famous for, the Messiah, it combines instruments and voices.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- A composer who was a prodigy by 6. By age 5 he was playing for the Austrian Empress.The Magic Flute. Mozart's operas are famous for their outstanding solos there sung dialogue and there group singing.


Art also changed throughout the 1700's. Different art styles were born. The first was a style called,

  • Rococo- Architects and designers used the rococo style. For rococo art was personal, elegant, and charming. Furniture and tapestries featured delicate shells and flowers. Portrait painters showed noble subjects in charming rural setting, surrounded by happy servants and pets. The second new style of art was,
  • Baroque- Baroque painting were huge, colorful, and exciting.They mostly were painting of saints and historical battles.

Peasant Life

In the 1700's there was different type of peasant life.

  • Peasant life- Peasants living in small rural villages. There culture was based on centuries-old traditions, changed slowly.Western villages were relatively more prosperous than those in eastern Europe. In the west serfdom had largely disappeared. Instead some peasants worked on there own patch of land.In Eastern Europe serfdom was firmly rooted. Peasants owed labor services to their lords and could be bought and sold with the land.

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