Come to our Zoo

Flamation Zoo

Our special day is coming soon...

Come along to our new zoo 'Flamation Zoo' were there is tons of animals for your children to explore and there is a underground aquarium were you can climb in a tunnel and be surrounded by hundreds of fish. there is tons of lovely food options for you to eat with lovely views of our exotic animals, if you want a fun day out come to our zoo.

Opening of Flamation zoo.

Saturday, March 30th 2013 at 10am

North Berwick, United Kingdom

North Berwick, Scotland

Go on the A1 near North Berwick then take a corner up the A6137 go around 100 metres up the road and you will reach the entrance were you can park for one pound for your whole days visit then our staff will lead you to your destination.

Pippa Middleton Visiting!

Come see one of the nations most known figures to open our tremendous zoo who will probably be meeting and greeting some of the local crowd.

We are Flamation Zoo

Look out for us were an up and coming business with deals and faboulus fireworks shows on our opening night and every Friday and Saturday from 9-10 were the animals are asleep for there comfort is always in our heads.