By: Liam Peterson


Welcome to the state of Georgia I will tell you some facts and fun things to do in this historic state.

Fun things to do

First you can visit one of Georgia's state parks. The largest park is called F.D. roosevelt state park. Did you know that it has 9,093 acres of land and 40 miles of trails? Secondly you can go to Summer Waves water park. It has lots of cool rides, places to dine, and hotels to sleep in. Lastly you can go to some historical museums. They include Pin point heritage museum and Booth western art museum.
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State History

Georgia is the 21st largest state in the U.S. and 10.10 million people live there. Georgia became a state on January 2nd 1788. Lots of famous people lived in Georgia. they Include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ty Cobb, and Jackie Robinson. Did you know every year the Masters Golf Tournament is held there for the best golfers all over the globe?
State Song of Georgia

State Facts

Major industries: Agriculture including peanuts, peaches, and cotton.

Tree: Southern Live Oak

Flower: Cherokee Rose

Fish: Largemouth Bass

Motto: Wisdom, Justice, and moderation

Song: Georgia on my mind

Approximate population: 10.10 million

Size Ranking: 21st