Latin America

Major cities of Paraguay

The 4 major cities of Paraguay is Pilar, Areguá, Salto and Villarica


Paraguays capital is Asuncion

History of Paraguay

Paraguay was controlled by Spain and Portugal and the country gained independence on May, 14 1811 and their official language is Spanish.

Paraguay flag

The Paraguay flag is red white and blue and has a symbol with a star in the middle
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Geographical information

Paraguay is located in the Western Hemisphere and bordered by Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil
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Physical features of paraguy

The physical features are grassy plains, wooded hills, and a dry climate.
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Type of goverment

The type of government that Paraguay has is constitutional republic government.
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Leader of Paraguay

The leader of Paraguays' name is Horacio Cartes.
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Paraguays currency is PYG (Paraguayan Guarani)

Tourist information

People should vist here because it is very cheap and very interesting. Tourists would see Igazu Falls, the Paraguayan River, and go see the state capital and look at the old towns.