The End of Romeo and Juliet

Who caused it?

Who caused Romeo & Juliet's death

Friar Laurence is the one to blame because he helped Romeo and Juliet’s relationship stay secret, and admitted that it was his fault in the end.Friar Laurence helped the couple get married while still hiding their relationship from their families. “Come, come with me, and we will make short work; For, by your leaves, you shall not stay alone. Till holy church incorporate two in one” (Shakespeare Act: 2 Scenes: V & VI).The quote above explains that the Friar, the one speaking in the text, wants to help Romeo and Juliet be together, but still hides the truth from either families. Friar Laurence gives his secret away and tells everyone the truth. “I married them; and their stol’n marriage-day was Tybalt’s dooms-day….Miscarried by my fault, let my old life be sacrificed, some hour before this time, unto the rigour of severest law” (Shakespeare Act: V Scene: III).The Friar explains that it’s his fault that he caused the problem in the first place, and he only kept making the problem worse. Friar Laurence was willing to take any punishment that was givin to him even death.

Trailer Park Boys: **** Blizzard

Cory & Trevor resemble Friar Laurence.

Cory & Trevor are trying there hardest to help Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian by looking out for Cyrus. Him and his gang are trying kill them and taking there "stuff." Cory & Trevor misheard a call on the radio from the boys and opened fire on Cyrus the minute they saw him. They fail at protecting the three boys as Cyrus takes away their "stuff," gives Ricky a heart attack and almost got Bubbles and Julian arrested. This relates to Friar Laurence because he tried his best to help Romeo and Juliet keep there relationship a secret, but fails at doing so and he gets them both killed.

Kingdom Keepers: The Dark Passage

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How The Dark Passage relates to Romeo & Juliet

A character from The Dark Passage named Dillard relates to Friar Laurence from Romeo & Juliet because of his roll in the novel. Dillard tries to help his friends, the Keepers, find the hidden Overtakers on the Disney cruise ship while also protecting them when needed. This is much like Friar Laurence as he wants to help Romeo & Juliet's relationship, but at the same time he tries to keep it a secret from their families. Dillard, in the previous novel, goes out of his way and dresses up like his friend, Finn. He does this to lure the Overtakers away from Finn, but his plan backfires. The Overtakers capture him instead and take him to the sacrificial ritual. Dillard leads the Keepers towards danger because they're looking for him.

When they find Dillard his corps has already bled on a stone temple, and Chernabog is almost at his full power to kill the rest of the Keepers. Friar Laurence has a very similar plot, but he gets Romeo & Juliet killed by suicide. Dillard Gets himself killed and leads his friends into something extremely dangerous.