Cheap Texas Land for Poland

For Poland Published By: Colin W Jadon G Preston M Quinn A

Introduction To Life in Texas

Texas has finally annexed into America and has open land. It offers an enjoyable landscape of land with farms and has majestic plains.

Life in Texas

Life in Texas includes Hardship but can bring great rewards.There are landscapes full of cash crops, waiting to be farmed. Texas also has slaves which allows profit with minimal work. Although lacking a public education system, Texas includes handy methods of transportation, including stagecoaches and steamboats. Another thing about Texas is that much cultural influence is being introduced through the immigration of citizens, which causes a diverse culture in Texas.

Reasoning: So why come to Texas?

As described Texas is a state of a diverse culture and a growing economy. Polish settlers could be taking advantage of farming on the vast landscape of Texas. Using slaves making a profit while growing the economy can be easily achieved. So come to Texas, and take advantage of the vast amounts of land while the land is still cheap.

Leaders in Texas

One very important Polish leader is Father Leopold Moczygemba. He founded Panna Maria, a Polish Settlement.
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