South Portland Library Department

2015-2016 Year in Review

New Team~New Goals

It is fitting that the South Portland School Library Department’s goal setting process coincides with our welcoming four new professional library staff and two new technology ed techs. This is the third iteration of our process for reviewing our existing program and revisiting our department’s vision.

As in the past, each Library Information Integrator met with their building principal and reviewed the program using a protocol that suited their local needs. As a department we used the Colorado Highly Effective School Library tool to assess our program with any support staff. We set three year goals for each building and then used those, along with district level initiatives, to inform our departmental goals for the next three years.

As you will see, with each goal we have added some action items to show how our intentions may be realized. They are meant as possible steps, however, how they manifest will look different based on the needs and priorities of a particular school and available resources.

Goal 1: Public Relations

Increase outreach to families and community organizations with the intention of offering services, bringing valuable community resources to the school, and communicating the impact of school libraries on student learning.

Action Items: create common library web presence; collaborate with public library; participate in professional conferences, online communities, and state organizations; initiate parent communications; engage with social media to communicate message

Goal 2: Curriculum & Instruction

Support district initiative to integrate of 21st Century Skills & information literacy throughout the curriculum through collaboration, consultation and direct instruction.

Action Items: Implement a variety of innovative learning opportunities such as Maker Spaces, Genius Hour &Inquiry-based research & PbL as appropriate for individual schools; support implementation & assessment of 21st Century Skills, offer staff development courses and workshops, create information literacy common assessments to establish impact on learning.

Goal 3: Collection Development

Continue to develop our collections to reflect the Learning Commons model, keeping professionally selected print and digital resources that are easily accessible, align to curriculum, independent reading needs, and reflects diverse points of view.

Action Items: review district collection development policy and make recommendations for updating, if necessary; conduct and attend professional development (support staff included) around diversity, new media and updated standards; continue to monitor and adapt emerging media trends (ebooks, streaming media, etc); genrify collections; deselecting and selecting new materials with discretion

New Library Department Website Launch!

Tuesday, Sep. 6th, 7am

This is an online event.

We will be kicking off the year with a brand new cohesive web presence under the name of the Digital Learning Commons. Each school will have its own website under the larger district umbrella site. This will facilitate our social media presence and provide a platform for coordinated service.

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